off the chain: trunk show at macy’s on thursday

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In case you’re in town or want to stop by the trunk show on Thursday night…Macy’s is having a gathering for the Sex and the City release from 5:30-7:30.

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  1. Kate

    Having just read your last post on designing a business with intention, I think I’m confused on the difference between a trunk show and a trade show….help? 🙂

  2. Jess

    Hi Kate,

    No problem! A trunk show is where I bring my jewelry to a store or boutique (like Macy’s) and customers come and buy the jewelry and get to meet me in person. An industry trade show is where designers and/or businesses pay for booth space in a huge Expo center and set up a space to show store buyers their products. The store buyers then place orders for the jewelry at wholesale prices to sell in their stores.

  3. Kelly P

    I couldn’t help but notice that Jessica from What I Wore featured a Jess LC Astor necklace in her outfit yesterday. It looked fantastic and I was excited to see it there! It was an interesting moment of worlds intersecting since, even though I love your jewelry line, I am more of a regular reader of MML, but I had one of those moments when you shout out loud “Hey! I know that necklace (or whatever)!” Love it 🙂

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