off the chain update: astor collection now online!

astorIt’s finally here! Check out the newest, brightest, freshest Jess LC collection… EVER! I am really excited about these new designs. It was a leap from our classic, everyday pieces that do so well for us. But nothing risked, nothing gained! Now Jess LC covers staples like the State St. collection and some major statement pieces in Astor. The stores that got a sneak peek (Lori’s Shoes, Spare Parts, and She One) this week have flipped over the line and we are making jewelry as fast as our little fingers will work- and loving every minute. (Don’t worry about your order getting lost in the shuffle, retail orders ship out within one business day.)

astor-picsOur inspiration as you can see, has roots in some Studio 1423 pieces, and my love of white marble also came into play. A picture of a chandelier’s crystal pattern even inspired the waterfall necklace. As for our color pallet: bright and sunny. And the hibiscus name for the yellow and fuchsia color combo was even chosen by Kaitlyn M. here on Makeunder.

And of course we also kept the price friendly, these dyed jade pieces are sterling silver and 14k gold-filled as always and range between $18-$85. So hop on over to Jess LC and take a look.

Which style or color combo do you like the most?

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  1. blair

    Jess, these are all just amazing!! Love each and everyone one of them.

  2. Laina

    Jess!! The new line is beautiful! I love all of it so much that I just bought my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift and then a gift for myself because one day I may be a Mom (I come up with new excuses all of the time). Also, I saw your feature in “Dividend” magazine – the Ross circulation – that is awesome, you are likely the youngest one featured in there! Congrats 🙂

  3. Kaitlyn

    Jess, this collection is absolutely gorgeous! I love the necklace with the yellow and white beads! I am going to have to add some of these to my growing collection of Jess LC jewelry! I hope all is well, hopefully you’ll be able to visit the new apartment sometime soon!

  4. Jess

    @ Rachel, Miss E, Brooke, Kristin, Blair, Jill, PVE: I’m glad you all like them! I have a crush on the Cluster Bib Necklace.

    @ Laina: Such a great idea! Your reasoning on your own purchase reminds me of Brooke’s DESIGN YOUR LIFE intention about gifting herself each holiday. Mabye I should get new shoes for myself this week…

    @ Kaitlyn: The honey necklace is so cute, I agree. I can’t wait to see your new place- when can I come visit??

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