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Good (late) morning! I am back from a long weekend my old college town of Ann Arbor. It was great to visit ‘my person’, Maggie, and meet all her med student friends. I also got to visit some old haunts like The Jug and see the new business school. Plus, I got to kayak on Argo Pond.

Just for the record, Maggie is a fantastic kayak driver.

Off the Chain Update: Cluster Love


Upon coming back to town, I had the most wonderful email with these fantastic photos taken by a recent Jess LC client, Deannah, of Pretty Much Fabulous. She wrote about her two-tone cluster bib necklace (in honey) here.

Her Hubbs took the photos, and I must say: I’m thinking about making them the Jess LC homepage sometime soon…

Feel free to send me any photos of your Jess LC baubles and I’ll post them here as well.

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  1. Rebecca

    LOVE that necklace! I was so hooked on the coral one that i haven’t even noticed that beauty. I’ll put in on my wish list for one day. I have to wait until our adoption is complete before spending “me” money!

  2. Jess

    @ Rebecca: Yep, the coral necklace certainly sells well- in fact, I think it’s the strongest seller of the Astor Collection. But the two-tone version is a close second or third. It’s such a fun new shape in jewelry.

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