off the chain update: Jess LC is now in macy’s designers of chicago collection!


Jess LC has been selected for the Designers of Chicago Collection at the Macy’s on State St! As you know, a few months ago I showed Macy’s my collection. Last week I found out that I was picked for this year’s group of jewelry designers. This means that my jewelry will be sold in the State St. Macy’s at trunk shows and the Designers of Chicago counter, pictured below.


There was a fancy press conference today announcing the Chicago designers they are picking for 2009 as well as the Fashion Incubator – Mayor Daley’s Fashion Council initiative. Though they didn’t mention me or any of the accessory designers, they did have an impressive speaker list including Tommy Hilfiger, Terry Lundgren (CEO of Macy’s), and Mayor Daley. I spent most of the event with my friend Kristin of organiK Revolution and The Fashion Show. She bought her new Flip Cam, and we captured a fair amount of the event. She’s busy creating a webisode covering the event which I’ll link here once it’s done.

The Back Story

Though getting into a single Macy’s isn’t an extremely big deal, this is a coming of age for me and my career. When applying to the University of Michigan and to the Ross School of Business, my essays stated I would get my jewelry line into a major department store (I think I mentioned Saks Fifth Ave., but no matter).

Today was also the second time I have seen Terry Lundgren speak. The first time was four years ago at a business school conference at his alma mater, the University of Arizona. After a case competition, I approached the HR VP for Macy’s with my first catalog. That catalog snagged me an internship at Macy’s in NYC in product development for their private label line, Baby Green Dog.

After the internship, I decided that I would venture out on my own rather than grow a corporate career. A relatively risky path. But here I am, two years after launching Jess LC full-time, and I am a designer carried in the same store. Incredible.

Which leads me to a huge thank you (THANK YOU!) to all of you who have supported me and my work. Without your help, this accomplishment would not be possible. Plain and simple.


Above is my friend and fellow Designer of Chicago designer, Dana Reed’s jewelry. We will be sharing a booth at the Sidewalk Sale next week on Tuesday and Wednesday downtown – more details to come.

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  1. Of COURSE you are! Congrats Jess – this is so great! I have people asking me about your jewelry constantly!

  2. Tim

    Congratulations Jess…

    I heard a quote the other day that goes something like “success in business is the result of consistent effort over time.”

    You’re living proof.

  3. Jess

    @ Brooke: So nice to hear that you are still getting compliments from those pieces :).

    @ Tim: I totally agree with that statement. This has taken me 10 years to reach, one little step at a time.

  4. Rachel

    Jess, this is so fantastic. Congrats! The Rachel comment #1 is completely right, you truly do deserve it 🙂

  5. Jill

    JESS!! I am SO excited for you… I had little goosebumps reading the post. I remember when you mentioned you were trying to get into this “sale” – congrats to you! Wish I could be in Chicago to visit the sidewalk sale! Have a blast with this!

  6. Ajay

    Thats awesome! Congratulations… hard work always pays off.

  7. Jess

    @ Rachel + Rachel: Thank you so much for your support!

    @ Jill: Ah, don’t worry- I have something special lined up for next week which I think you will love ;). No one is going to be left out of the Sidewalk Sale.

    @ Ajay: Thanks. I can’t wait to see your site up and running!

  8. Natalie

    Ha! It’s about time you posted this…I was having a hard time not leaving a comment about it earlier and tipping everyone off! Congrats, Jess, you deserve it! 🙂

  9. My Dad has always told me – “Do what you love and the rest shall follow”
    Of course, congrats to you and I know great things are in store! (like JessLC in Macy’s too!) Woo hoo!!

  10. Laina

    Jess – I know I already told you this last week, but seriously – CONGRATULATIONS! This is so awesome – wish I lived in Chicago to visit the store/sidewalk sale. As always, you are so inspiring.

    PS Isn’t it funny how writing down goals/dreams often leads to one seeing them through?

  11. Jess

    @ all: Thank you so much for all your support!!

    @ Laina: Totally. It’s hard to believe that it came true, so soon even.

  12. Jess

    @ Down and Out Chic, Right Bank, and Courtney: Thanks for the encouragement, ladies!

  13. Rebecca

    Congrats to you! That is amazing and you are such an inspiration!
    thank you for sharing.

  14. That’s great news! I’ve been on online fan of yours for awhile and finally last month I was able to purchase a pair of your gorgeous earrings at The Dressing Room in Lincoln Square. I hope to add to my collection of JessLC very soon!

    Your jewelry is beautiful and this news is well-deserved!

  15. This is the first time I’m seeing this – VERY MANY CONGRATS! So flippin’ exciting. Keep the pics & video coming for all your non-Chicago fans!

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