off the chain update: madison and wellington debut

Madison and Wellington are online! As I mentioned earlier, my inspiration for these fall collections was a striped scarf. Not a typical launching point for jewelry by any means, but I think the result is fresh, unique, and sophisticated. Below I’ll explain how I intend for these pieces to fit in any woman’s wardrobe.

And as a little gift to you all, there is free domestic shipping on all Jess LC pieces until next Tuesday (9/22).

Wellington Collection

This collection is a nod to past collections like State St., Armitage, and Rush St. with a bit of an edge. These pieces are neutral and will go with basics in any one’s wardrobe. I like that they are perfect for a simple shift dress to make a statement, but I can also throw one on with my ‘uniform’ of jeans, t-shirt, and cardigan and look instantly pulled-together.

This collection is exactly what I want to wear this fall and winter, layered with tissue-thin turtle necks or my new shrunken leather jacket and skinny jeans.


Wellington Ave. Long Graduated Stripe Necklace

This necklace is my favorite interpretation of the striped scarf.


Wellington Ave. Graduated Three Strand Single Stripe Necklace

The perfect, more understated version of the Graduated Stripe Necklace.


Wellington Ave. Large and Small Crystal Necklace

A statement piece for sure, but the clear Swarovski crystal remains neutral.


Wellington Ave. Random Small Crystal Layering Necklace

A new take on the ever popular Rush St. Layering Necklace.

Madison Collection

For me, Madison is the natural evolution of the Astor St. collection from this summer done in a more muted, sophisticated way. The color story is rich with the navy, plum, shade, and black Swarovski crystals. The more intricate pieces reference the bib necklace trend without going overboard. These are pieces you will still love and wear after that trend fades away.

In Madison the stripe theme is played out in the crystals themselves. I imagine wearing these pieces to add a polished touch to work-wear and for upcoming holiday parties. And again, I totally plan to wear them with my t-shirts and cardigans all winter long.


Madison Ave. Three Strand Stripe Necklace

This necklace is laced in dozens of hand-wrapped Swarovski crystals.


Madison Ave. Three Strand Bold Stripe Necklace

A shorter variation of the Three Strand Stripe Necklace.


Madison Ave. Double Row Earrings

My nod to the statement earring trend.


Madison Ave. Large Double Row Necklace

A new take on the pendant necklace.


Madison Ave. Triple Crystal Necklace

The sweetest everyday necklace ever.


Madison Ave. Simple Crystal Earrings

The best new everyday earring since the Armitage Simple Link Earring.

To see both collections click here. And remember, free shipping on all domestic orders until next Tuesday (9/22).

So what do you think? Any favorites among the collections or styles?

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  1. Cortnee

    Love them! Especially the three strand Madison! How beautiful!!

  2. Jill

    GORGEOUS! jess, I just love them… especially the “striped” necklaces and the chandelier earrings! Bravo!

  3. Eva

    Ahhh!!! What to get, what to get??!!! Love the stripes, but also can’t stop looking at Madison Ave. Triple Crystal Necklace (The sweetest everyday necklace ever….totally agree!)

    Will you be having a show soon?

  4. Kelley

    Awesome! My favorite is the first necklace – the one that looks the most like the striped scarf. It’s so simple, but I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  5. Nicole M.

    I love your Wellington Collection! Too bad your pieces are priced out of my budget right now. I’ll just continue to stare at the pictures and pretend I’m wearing them. 🙂

  6. The Wellington Graduated Stripe is my favorite! I’m going to blog about these right now! Congrats on another lovely collection, Jess!

  7. Rachel B

    Hey Jess,
    loving the single stripe in wellington! another great collections 🙂

  8. Kaitlyn

    The collection is beautiful! I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA the past couple of weeks- with school and the internship along with not having internet it has left me feeling disconnected to everyone! I hope you are doing well with the new apartment, I just wanted to let you know I’m in love with this collection and it’s amazing!

  9. Mel

    Gorgeous! I want so many pieces of yours, really. Must find job ASAP. I’m definitely making my blog post tomorrow about you because that’s what I do when I find pretty things I covet so!

  10. S.E.Minegar

    I am going to have to save up for the “Wellington Ave. Long Graduated Stripe Necklace.” Gorgeous!

  11. Rebecca

    oh my!!! It all looks so gorgeous! I don’t know what to select! Nice job.

  12. Natalie

    Hey lady! These are beautiful!!! I do, however, pity whoever it is that has to do all those wraps! 🙂

  13. Dee

    These necklaces are gorgeous! I am definitely going to start saving up now!

    You are very talented!

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