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astorsneakpeekTime for a sneak peek! This necklace is our first design from our upcoming Astor St. Collection for Jess LC (for a limited time it will be available on Studio 1423).

The full collection will be on Jess LC early May but in the meantime we need your help naming this new color combo. The fuchsia and yellow beads are died jade and honey jade, respectively. Some color combo names we tossed around were ‘sangria’ and ‘sorbet.’ But we aren’t sold on either title and think it’s best left to your wonderful and creative minds. So leave a comment with your color combo names and hopefully the summery shades will be no longer named after alcoholic beverages and low-cal desserts.

Below are a few pieces that will coordinate with the Astor collection but will be sold exclusively on Studio 1423 – they are a great deal so snag them while you can!

studiofuchsiadoubledropfuchsia earringsstudiocoraldoubledropcoral earrings

studiojetdoubledropjet earrings

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  1. Eva

    1. Strawberry Sunshine
    2. Delicious Sunshine

  2. How about Rainbow Sherbet double scoop? 🙂 These are CUTE. I could wear these with anything. You are GREAT!

  3. Jess

    @ Eva: Your Strawberry Sunshine suggestion actually inspired a whole new color combo we didn’t even think about! THANK YOU!

    @ Brooke: Great suggestion. It is a great name but a bit long for our sale reps to write on each order form. But I might see how I can incorporate the idea of ‘double scoop’ into the name for the little earrings on Studio 1423 with two beads- it’s perfect!

    @ Kaitlyn: I think Hibiscus is a great idea! The tropical flowers have some amazing pinks and reds and their stamen (I think that’s the word?) are yellow. Bingo! Thank you for the inspiration 🙂

  4. Amy

    I love the fuschia earrings! So adorable, and the color adds a fresh surprise!

  5. Jess

    @ Amy: It is such a great color, I think it will be the most popular out of the bunch.

    @ Eva: Nice! I will keep it in mind for a new color combo in the future :).

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