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Good morning and good day! This week is already rolling along quite nicely for me. I have to admit, my upcoming birthday and trip to California are definitely on my mind as I move Jess LC into the holiday season this week. And a four day work week never hurts.

The apartment is also coming together now that I’ve made a few more trips to Ikea. Nothing too amazing to show yet, but once Kelly + Olive share their decor suggestions, I’m off to the races. I’ll be hanging up artwork, ordering rugs, and preparing for a belated housewarming party. I’ll even have a blog house party so those of you out-of-towners can see the finished product (but that party is BYOB.).

Off the Chain Update: Best Sellers


I’m sure many of you are (very) familiar with Jess LC by now. But you may not know which pieces are our most popular styles. For the holiday season, I’ve decided to create a new way to search the collection. On our shop page you will now see a Best Sellers category at the top. It includes some great bargains (like three pairs of $18 earrings!), the most popular necklace ever, and this fall’s newest classic everyday necklace (loved by my mom and myself alike).

So if you are starting to think about gifts for yourself or for the holidays, I hope this new feature is helpful.

Here is a sample of some of the styles:


Wellington Ave. Thick Stripe Necklace


Armitage Simple Link Earrings


State St. Everyday Oval Necklace

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  1. Jill

    First things first… HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!, sincere BEST on the race – and I am a little jealous of your “short week” – who doesn’t love one of those!!! Have a great time celebrating all of the exciting things in your life right now!

    and as always, your jewelry is always so drool worthy!

  2. ADORABLE! And… it sounds like Happy Birthdays are in order!!! Hope you have a great one!

  3. Rachel

    The close angle shots are serious and beautiful! Makes the pieces look practical and luxurious at the same time ūüôā

  4. Jess

    @ Jill and Brooke: Thanks for the birthday wishes. The actual day is 10/15 :).

    @ Rachel: Thanks, I’m glad you like David’s close up shots. He has some stunning new images I can’t wait to reveal as things get closer to the holidays.

  5. kristin

    I must say I love your jewelry!
    I have question- how quickly do items from your site ship? I ask b/c I was thinking of getting necklaces for all the 5 bridesmaids my sister’s wedding (at a winery in Northen Cal)! The problem is…the wedding is Nov 7th. I liked the idea of the simple and beautiful ‘wellington ave. 2 strand 3 crystal necklace’. I would love to hear more from you- pls feel free to email me!

  6. Happy day and happy year to you! i still smile at the story of when we met for drinks and dinner and they “carded” you- I miss those days…lol! I know your race will be as stunning as your designs. I have a hard time deciding what to pick as my fave!

  7. Jess

    @ Down and Out Chic: That stripe necklace is quickly getting rave reviews from women of all ages!

    @ Kristin: I ship (almost always) within 1-2 business days. I also do 25% discounts on bridal jewelry. I’ve already emailed you with a bit more info.

    @ PVE: Thank you for the wishes :).

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