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Warning!  Post from an intern ahead.  Post from an intern that has never blogged before.  (Oh dear.)

This is Susan, on of Jess’ interns for this summer.  Stephanie (the other wonderful intern) and I are currently working on Studio1423, the Jess L.C. Etsy line.  Studio1423 is your source for “vintage” Jess L.C. pieces, prototypes for future lines, and stylish one of a kind pieces.

Thrifty shopping suggestion!  Do you like the look of the new Astor St. collection? (I, for one, am a bit obsessed with owning the two-toned cluster bib necklace in Strawberry.  And the bead strand in Shore!  Actually, I could probably keep going and name everything.)   Well our Etsy shop has a few prototype earrings with the same lovely dyed jade beads.  They’re wonderfully bright and flirty.  This is a great way to get a similar look for a lot less!  (And they’re one of a kind too.)

Soon we’ll be posting on items in the shop that Stephanie and I have come up with together.  Hopefully you’ll see a bit of our personal preferences combined with the look of Jess L.C.  (Stephanie has a style that’s very casual and chic, a perfect fit for the brand.  My style is… well quite frankly my style is a bit ADD at times, but I hope that isn’t overwhelmingly apparent.)

Well!  I hope this wasn’t too painful for all of you.  Hopefully this weekend there will be another post with more information on Studio1423, as well as a little introduction to the internship team.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you all, and I hope you have a wonderful remainder of the week!

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  1. Jess

    @ Susie + Stephanie (the masterminds): You two did a GREAT JOB! I’m so proud of you ladies. Kick some butt!

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