off the chain update: what i wore


Have you heard about What I Wore? Jessica Schroeder is the brains and beauty behind the awesome daily style blog. I’m now a huge fan (and became a sponsor).

When she saw the Jess LC Astor St. Collection, she knew she needed the coral cluster bib necklace. To check out the adorable (and affordable!) outfit she wore for her date night last weekend visit her site.

Maybe she can be my new Charlotte…



coral cluster bib necklace

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  1. lydia

    jessica and the necklace look gorgeous. and loving What I Wore – maybe will inspire me to get a bit more inventive dressing in the morning.

  2. Jess

    @ Blair and Down and Out: Thanks, I’m glad you both like the necklace and her adorable outfit.

    @ Lydia: (Thanks for your order!!) I agree, I am finding myself thinking, “if Jessica can wear such cute outfits, I can find something more creative in my own closet.” ūüôā Which means today I’m wearing raspberry colored cropped pants.

  3. Carolyn

    Oh I love this look! The jewelry and the outfit together — so feminine yet carefree and fun. Jessica should definitely be your “Charlotte!”

  4. Jess

    @ Carolyn and PVE: Glad you both like the look and Jessica’s style!

  5. meg

    Oh, I love Jessica! Your coral necklace is so versatile and looks great with this look!!

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