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Thanks so much for all of the wonderful support yesterday! It has been one heck of a work week and I can easily count your comments on that post as a huge highlight.

In an effort to be a bit more “me” here on MML, I thought I’d share a photo I found on Facebook yesterday that’s had me giggling ever since.

Here’s something else you did not know about me before: I love funny YouTube videos or other internet comedy phenomenon. In fact, when entertaining at home, I have been known to sit friends* in front of my computer to show them my three eleven favorite funny videos.**

Yeah, I’m that fun to hang out with.


* How else do you think I landed Mr. Lively?

 ** I have also done this at other people’s homes/parties as well.
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  1. Daniela

    Hah, the worst was when my step mom showed us the video of the cartoon turkey dressed like Gloria Gaynor (afro and all) singing about how she would survive Thanksgiving.

    As long as you don’t show people videos like that, I think you’e okay.

  2. Betsy

    I just want a like button. 🙂 for the picture and the whole post. Happy Friday!

  3. CB

    Great posts this week! I love how you are “you” on your blog, and this is why I read all the time. You are genuine and you naturally uplift everyone around you – probably even when you don’t feel it! I miss you – so I’m glad I can catch up with you each day on your blog.

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