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Phew! It’s been quite the whirlwind for me in the last 36 hours. Seeing the Nate Berkus Show pre-taping yesterday was amazing with Alaina and Crystal. We had such a great time that we decided to continue the day by getting Mexican food (I’m currently obsessed with fish tacos) and then drinking wine and brainstorming for an upcoming project. By the time I got home, I’d been gone a total of 12 hours from 9:30a to 9:30p. I hung out with Erwin for twenty or so minutes, and promptly went to bed.

Upcoming Collection: Franklin (intentional message necklaces)

This morning I’ve been playing catch up on yesterday’s emails (some amazing opportunities are popping up more and more!) and Susie and I just decided which color combinations are being photographed for the new intentional necklaces you all helped me create. I can’t wait to share the necklace images with you all. From the reaction I’ve gotten so far from people who have seen the necklaces in person, I have a feeling this will be my biggest collection ever. Though I can’t show the actual necklace design online yet (we have a super exciting retailer thinking about ordering them first), I can tell you which phrases you all commented and voted upon. Each necklace will incorporate one of the five phrases in a non-obvious way:

  • Be Brave
  • Dream Bigger
  • Be Present
  • Be Thankful
  • Breathe

I personally can’t stop wearing my Be Present necklace and find that it’s gentle reminder is even more helpful than I had anticipated.

Soc Chic All Week Giveaway

I also want give a quick reminder that there is one more day left for the Soc Chic All Week Giveaway! Comment on the participating blogs for your chance to win one of a each of the Soc Chic necklaces.

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