our negative thoughts are not unique

OurNegativeThoughtsAreNotUniqueThough many of us readily believe that we may have some spiritual or cosmic connection to one another, we don’t often come to the same conclusion about negative self-talk and Resistance.

We can easily surmise that we may be connected – at a gut level – to same positive internal voice or force as the people around us, but we cannot always see that the negative thoughts inside heads may also be just as universal.

We like think of the egoic voice inside our heads that rationalizes, worries, postures, and envies as unique. Special. Our own personalized brand of ego, self-doubt, and baggage that belongs only to us.

“Sure, we might share the good desires we have. But my internal demons are mine.”

This sentiment can result in a great deal of shame and guilt. (AKA: More Resistance.)

However, if the good part of us that strives to love, to give, and to share is connected to the greater Universe – maybe the same goes for the Resistance within us that strives to keep us trapped in the status quo. Though the form of Resistance might vary person to person, the negative voice itself may not.

By recognizing that the little voice that whispers doubtful thoughts is not personal – but rather just a part of everyone’s human experience – we can learn to take it less seriously. Less personally.

We can allow the thoughts to come and go as they may without identifying with them. Without making them part of who we are.

As we strive to deal with this voice, the first step may just be to see it for the impersonal force that it is.

The Spirit and the Ego within us are not unique. Only our reaction to each voice is within our control.


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  1. Kimberly Anne

    So true.. I find this when I actually take a moment to express concerns and thoughts to my closest girl friends. We all worry about the same things… we just manifest the stress differently.

    1. Jess Lively

      Very true. I never thought about how that relates to our girlfriend conversations, but you are so right!

  2. Kristina Krauss

    I believe in this a lot! We all have that egotistic voice telling us we are better than that person or less than another person. We all have that voice that tries to break us down and tries to stop us from going forward. The key, like you said, is to realize that everyone has this same voice and overcome it by choosing love!

    Thank you for this awesome article!
    Kristina <3

  3. alexandrainto

    Thank you for this wonderful reminder that our negative thoughts are not unique and should not hold so much power with us.

    1. Jess Lively

      You are most welcome, hun! I’m glad this lesson hit home with you as it did with me recently.

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