three tips for when you feel overwhelmed


Today I’m experimenting with something new… a TUESDAY Lively Show!

Instead of writing my usual Tuesday post, I’ve created a “mini edition” of the show.

I’m chatting openly about the craziness of the past six weeks for me, and the three biggest lessons I’ve learned during what has been one awesome and overwhelming ride. 




  • What I’ve been working on over the past six weeks.
  • Why I’m creating the Life With Intention Online module videos as the class runs.
  • How to be more present when you feel overwhelmed.
  • A principle that often gets overlooked when we feel overwhelmed.
  • The new Values I’m focusing on going forward now that things are calming down a bit.









Please let me know what you think of the Tuesday “mini edition” of the podcast!

I know that it won’t be ideal for some people that prefer to read vs. listen.

But, there is also a big audience on The Lively Show who may enjoy getting extra content each week to via these little intention-packed chats.

I’d love to hear what you think!


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  1. Hi Jess! I’m a HUGE fan of The Lively Show and absolutely love this mini edition. As a regular reader/listener and a student in Life With Intention Online, I especially appreciated this post. When you speak of presence and future-tripping, that completely spoke to me. Just this very morning, I felt overwhelmed by everything I need (and want) to do, so it felt like you were speaking directly to me when you said: “Just focus on the one next step”. All of your points are in this post are great! I look forward to many more mini editions of the show 🙂

    1. That’s so great to hear, Jenna!! I’m glad you are a fan of the ‘mini edition’ format!

      I’m also so grateful to hear that the part about future-tripping and focusing on the one next step resonated with you this morning. That’s awesome!

      Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and when you can, ask yourself: “What is the next thing I need to do?” or, “How can I act from a Value in this situation?”

      That’s all we need to focus on at any given moment. : )

  2. Cara Cookson

    I really appreciated today’s lunchtime mini-Show! Maybe there’s something about this time of year, but I found today’s topic very timely in my own life. I feel charged up to go tackle me next “one thing.” Thanks!

  3. Emily C

    I enjoyed the mini episode / verbal blog post! Listening is easier while I’m at work, and it’s nice to hear you voicing your thoughts – and they are good ones! I’m going to work out what comfortably edgy means for me.

  4. I love this short format! I definitely vote for doing more 🙂 And if you’re worried about alienating those who prefer reading, I’ve actually been seing an increasing number of blogs include both the written transcript and the audio component in posts. Maybe that’s an option that can work for you too ^^

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Eliza!

      I will definitely consider doing a duo of written and verbal.

      Right now, after all the overwhelm I shared in today’s podcast, the idea of doing both seems really daunting along with the regular long format TLS (aka: almost twice the work on Tuesdays). But for really important posts, that I’d also like to talk about, it’s a great idea! : )

      1. haha I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re right. Transcribing is the worst! It takes forever and the process is just… not fun. I do agree with @disqus_7dZUDzGIF1:disqus about your voice btw – it ads to the impact of your message, and just feels more personal.

        Also, as I sat down to listen to your post tonight I was just about to make a to do list of all the things I needed to work on now that I was done work. And then you talked about taking time off – at least a day – and it seemed so bizarre to be planning post-work work. So I’m taking the evening off 🙂

        1. That’s great to hear! Enjoy your time “filling your cup” – I hope it gives you more to share tomorrow. : )

  5. Louise Murphy

    Yes this was brilliant. More please 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Louise! Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’d like more. : )

  6. Kristina

    I loved it! I just listened to it while hanging laundry and it was perfect because I could do a task that I don’t necessarily like while listening to something I truly enjoy. I love reading your posts and to be honest I would miss them if you stopped writing all together but having these little episodes from time to time would definitely be great.

    1. That’s so great to hear! I don’t think I’ll ever drop writing altogether, but it’s awesome to hear that you like the audio version, too!

  7. joanna

    I liked the podcast format. I remember things best when I read them. Maybe you could do a quickie post with your 3 ideas. Just simple no need to explain. Then people can listen to your explanation in the podcast.just a thought. Great suggestions for the overwhelmed. Joanna

    1. No worries on the podcast format on Thursdays, that’s staying put. It’s just the Tuesday mini editions that might get dropped in from time to time.

      I’ll also keep the post summary idea in mind! To be honest, I thought about putting it up that way today, but decided against it since it kind of take the interest away from listening (ie: if you know exactly what’s said, why listen at all?). So I tried to do a mix by sharing in the summary things that would help jog your mind if you did listen, but at the same time peak your curiosity if you haven’t listened yet…does that make sense?

  8. Karen Smith

    Love these mini sessions! Keep ’em coming!

  9. ArizonaRain

    Hey Jess! The mini episode was great! One of the things that distinguishes you from other bloggers is how personal your blog is. It creates a sense of connection and relate-ability with you when you speak so vulnerably about your present and past struggles, such as you did in this episode. It takes so much bravery to put yourself out there and share your real life, and I really appreciate it! I’m a big fan of yours and will keep reading your blog and listening to all your podcast! -Danielle

    1. Thank you so much, Danielle, for taking time out of your day to share this with me. I really appreciate it and it really does encourage me to keep sharing ‘the real story’ and keep being more my ‘real’ self (which can feel scary to do sometimes!). : )


  10. Maya Elious

    Hey, Jess! I really like the mini episode / podcast. Your voice is really easy to listen to, and I was able to get some work done while listening rather than reading a blog post. I just released my first free eBook, and my mind has been in a million places. I like the idea of just being present. Simple but so important and effective. Thanks for the great tips!

  11. Megan

    Love the podcast form – I listen while working so I think it’s preferable!

    1. Thanks, Sage!! I’m glad you liked it!

      Do you like the podcast format more than the videos I did for a bit? (Which I know you really liked)?

  12. Maritza Diaz

    Overwhelmed is everyone’s struggle. Especially in a highly digital world we live in. Great episode.

  13. Patty

    enjoyed this episode! Feeling overwhelmed right now and it’s a good reminder to be present.

    1. That’s great to hear! I hope you get to focus on the one next thing you have to do today!

  14. That’s wonderful to hear, Jessica! I’m sure I’ll go back and forth between the mediums as it feels right with each topic/day. : )

  15. Suvarchala

    It was something I related to so much on a personal level. Thank you for saying ‘It’s ok to take a break’. I needed to hear that 🙂 I really liked the mini episode, and think you should do this more often !

    1. That’s wonderful to hear!

      I’m glad you needed to hear the part about taking a break, too. Sometimes it’s hard to remind ourselves that when we are pushing so much, right?

  16. Cleo

    Love this! It’s great to hear how we all share these challenges. And your podcasts are an energizing listen at work. Thanks!

  17. Tara

    This mini episode was perfect. I needed my cup refilled within a short amount of time thank you Jess for these tips. Definitely appreciated in this busy fall season, I will definitely be taking a day off soon!

    1. That’s great to hear, Tara!! We can only give what we have… but if we have nothing, we have nothing to give. : )

  18. Allison Cooper

    One of those magical moments when the right message comes to you at *exactly* the right time. In particular, the “comfortably edgy” description of a healthy life dynamic… And recognition that I’m way too far on one side of that dynamic. So glad to have just recently found your podcast, Jess! PS, loved the mini version! Enabled me to take a break, take stock, breathe, and get back into the day’s flow very easily.

    1. That’s so great to hear, Allison! I’m glad the topic of the show resonated with you as well as the format! I’ll keep ’em coming!

      : )

      And yes, gotta sway between those two Values, right? Too far on either side isn’t good for long periods of time.

  19. Jess, LOVE this short form podcast and this episode couldn’t have come at a better time as it’s been a crazy blur the past few weeks in my life too – so really appreciate you opening up and sharing. I wrote about my mini meltdown and appropriately titled it “Just keep Going” so thanks for some uplifting and inspiring advice to get through it….Look forward to more Mini Tuesday posts!

    1. Thanks, Sadie! I’m glad you liked the new format for Tuesdays and that the topic resonated with your own phase in life. Hopefully you find time to refill your own cup this weekend. : )

  20. Dani Alencar

    I really like the mini podcast since it’s much more focused and easy to follow if we have just little spare time and I really appreciate the theme in this one since this has been a crazy week for me, too. And listening to what you said about “take the next move instead of worrying about the future” and have a day off just made realize I did it and feel so much better. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you, Dani! I’m glad you are liking the new format for Tuesdays every now and then going forward!

      I’m so glad you got a day off, too!! Gotta keep that cup full!

    1. That’s great to hear! I’ll keep the longer format on Thursdays going as normal, and will add in the short Tuesday episodes now and then. : )

  21. Rachel

    perfect length for folding a load of laundry. Thanks!

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