TLS Vlog #18: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 2)

TLS Vlog #18: What I Packed for Europe! (Part 2) @

In part 2 of my packing video, I’ll show you what’s inside my hardshell suitcase from makeup cases to clothing. After 40-50 hours of research beforehand, I narrowed my life down to the absolute essentials (and then some) for easy traveling. See a breakdown of my favorite pieces of clothing below!




Favorite Carry-on Items:

Clothing List:



  • Black Skirt: jcrew factory (old)
  • Blue Jeans: Old Navy
  • White Jeans: Gap
  • Black Jeans: Madewell


Camera Used to Film This Video:
Canon G7X


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  1. sara

    Thanks Jess! This is a great reference for the next time I pack. I would love to see the rest of the makeup and toiletries that you packed in another video.

  2. Catie

    I used our reusable grocery bags for our travels this time too! They are the same ones!

  3. I’m kind of obsessed with capsule wardrobes right now, as I’m a full-time traveler myself but struggle with creating a cohesive look. I love how streamlined your wardrobe is. Thanks for letting us peek in your bags!

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