What is Parent WithIN?

In this course, we believe that there is no one way to guide a child into adulthood, to handle big emotions, and, most importantly, to connect with your child. Each parent and child is unique. We will not tell you what to do. Instead, we will help you connect with your Inner Voice to uncover guidance and wisdom around your parenting questions and challenges, as well as how to support your child on their Inner Voice journey.

Course Overview

Over the course of 6 weeks, we’ll cover:

  • How we define the Inner Voice and the Mind, and ways to connect to your IV
  • Feeling your feelings/ releasing emotional bean bags
  • How you can help your children recognize and connect with their Inner Voice
  • Bean bags in your children, and how to spot and hold space for them
  • Live time on our calls to connect with your Inner Voice and release bean bags, as well as ask questions from the mind
  • An individual, private bean bag session for each participant with one of the course leaders


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Meet Megan & Lindsey

Megan Thompson

I’m a mom and certified Inner Voice facilitator with a passion for supporting parents. Since becoming certified, I’ve facilitated more than 30 Inner Voice sessions with moms, showing me that, while the specific challenges we face as parents may vary, the essence at the heart of those challenges is much the same.

Prior to beginning Inner Voice work in a broader capacity, I spent more than 10 years in corporate marketing before leaving to become a full-time mom to my now three-year-old son. I love to seek guidance from my Inner Voice on parenting challenges, and use what I’ve learned to, in turn, guide my son through big and small challenges of his own.

Lindsey Dietrich

I am a lover of nature and a good cup of tea. Often, I am found reading one of the three books I’ve started, perfecting my nap skills, squeezing in multiple walks in a day, and wishing that at any moment, a dance party might erupt. I have 10+ years of experience working in Human Resources from the corporate world and with my own consulting company. In my HR business, I experimented with inner voice work to help my clients make decisions about organizational structure and business flow. After IVFT, I turned my focus to applying what I learned in IVFT to parenting and building better relationships. Now, my passion is to take the Insta-perfect veil off of parenting, to help people and children develop a connection with their inner voice and trust that wisdom, and use inner voice work to bring back sovereignty to both parents and children.