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As requested, I have more photos from the trip. To capture a bit of our experience I thought I’d create a photo collage of the things we saw and did on the trip.

And of course if anyone is considering a trip to Paris, I hope this also can act as a mini guide of sorts.

Near the Pont des Artes there are vendors along the river selling all kinds of mementos. We chose a beautiful gold book of French poems for our coffee table.

Though we did stay near the Louvre during the first part of our trip, we spent our museum time in Musée d’Orsay.

One hot afternoon Mr. Lively spotted several children playing in a fountain.

He decided to join them.

Hotel Crayon is where we spent our first three nights. It was artsy, cozy, and surprisingly affordable.

On our last night the hotel granted us the suite in honor of our wedding… with this bathroom. 

Kim and Scott led the way to the Les Puces flea the morning of our wedding. Simply incredible.

The “honeymoon” portion of our trip was spent at the Champs Elysee Plaza. Though we may not stay in that area on future trips, we loved the hotel and our suite so very much.

While indulging in a break from the French language at an English Pub near our hotel on Wednesday night, we struck up a conversation with the bartender about fish and chips. She insisted that London had much better fish and chips than the Parisian pub.

So on a whim, Mr. Lively booked us tickets on the Euro Star to London the following morning.

It was a one day whirlwind of sightseeing, shopping, and eating some fantastic fish and chips at The Dog and Duck.

In addition to our vows shared during our ceremony, we also had a lock engraved with our names and anniversary before the trip as a symbol of our union.

As is tradition, we put the lock on the Pont des Arts and threw the keys into the Seine.

We intend to re-visit Paris on our five year anniversary to relive our honeymoon and find our lock.

Laduree. The best wedding cake I’ve ever had. (Three days after the wedding.)

Thanks to my consulting client, Leland Prince, I found out about an English speaking cooking class in Paris.

Mr. Lively’s new passion happens to be cooking, so it was a no-brainer that I needed to surprise him with his birthday present towards the end of the trip.

He now openly admits that it was his favorite part of the trip. It even trumped our wedding. (Humph.)


And just so you don’t think the trip was all sunshine and roses (okay, well, a lot of it was actually), I have another “keeping it real” pic for ya.

When wedding cake tastes this good, you ignore the cameras.


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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful! I miss Paris (and Europe in general) so much. Isn’t it wonderful how over there you can just hop on a train or a plane and be in another country in just a few hours? I love that.

  2. Kristen

    Jess… your wedding and the trip were amazing. I can’t tell you how incredible I think it, you, and Mr. Lively are. I wish you both a lifetime of happiness, adventures and MANY more treats from Laduree

  3. Jenna

    Beautiful pictures! As always, thanks for keeping it real. My favorite picture from my wedding was of me eating wedding cake – so much so that the picture made it onto a featured page in our album.

  4. Sarah

    I’ve enjoyed your posts about your wedding so much – thank you for sharing! We went to Paris for our honeymoon just about two years ago, and your photos today make me nostalgic.

  5. Mary

    What an inspiring trip! and to be in the moment and present for it all! quite an accomplishment! how wonderful! Congratulations 🙂

  6. Helena

    I went to school in Paris and it’s – by far – my favorite city on earth. I’m so glad you had such a good time (and were able to sneak off to London, too!).

  7. rita

    ah! such beautiful photos… i miss paris and london! so glad you had an amazing time! congratulations again!

  8. Kate

    I love you pictures! It sounds like you guys had an amazing time. I’d never heard of that lock tradition before, that’s awesome!

  9. Melissa

    Amazing! I LOVE that you had a lock engraved… and the hotels, the cooking class, everything made me want to book a trip immediately.

  10. Beautiful pics!
    And this must be the weirdest comment… but… I like your nose!!! haha seriously. I’ve been looking up noses I like for a rhinoplasty and I haven’t realized until now how gorgeous yours is! 🙂
    Hugs from Argentina; LV

  11. I really want to visit Paris now! It’s always been a dream of mine; hopefully, I can make it happen. Lovely photos.

  12. Jenn

    First- love love love all of the pictures from your trip. Secondly- when are you going to bring back the gorgeous Jess LC bags?! I’m kicking myself for not buying one when I could and seeing yours in the pic just reminded me of what I’m missing!! 😉

  13. Joy

    wow,so lovely! Just found your blog! All your pictures are amazing, and congratulations!! That’s so exciting.

  14. Jess

    Thank you all so much! It was an honor to share these with you and the trip in general.

    Jenn, unfortunately we will not be bringing back those totes in order to work on new products in the future.

  15. Kathleen

    Gorgeous photos!! Makes me want to visit Paris. Also: you would know better than me, but my friend just visited Paris and said that the city cuts off the locks every year to make room for more… I’m not sure if that’s true or just a rumour!

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