paths to not reaching goals

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’ve been taking it easy and resting quite a bit. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow I feel back to my normal, healthy self again.

In the meantime, this thought by Penelope Trunk today really made me stop and think. Though her quote could be considered a bit controversial, I think it definitely warrants food for thought.

… Perhaps it might be a good idea to reflect on our own un-met goals and find out why we may not be reaching them.

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  1. I have two answers for this. One is the old saying, that what matters is the journey, not the goal. (Sorry for not being precise.) I truly believe this. Of course, the journey depends on how you choose your goal and on your choices. In the end you always look back, and know it in your gut, that why you could not reach this or that goal before. So I would say that your question = “What do I have to learn in life (and I did not so far) to reach a goal”.

    And the second answer is a quote from Beverly Sills: “There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.”

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