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Hi everyone!  My name is Piper Toth and I’m beyond thrilled to be here as the new Dream Reporter!  (can I also add nervous and a bit scared too!).  I’ve been a huge fan of Jess for awhile now so to be posting on her blog feels a bit like a dream!  And I feel like I have some big shoes to fill since I was a fan of Ashley and her reporting (I completely connected with what she’s going through since I think I’ve pretty much had all the same feelings and thoughts!).  I’m like Ashley…I’m a dreamer.  In fact, I could probably win a contest for dreaming up ideas.  But taking action?  That’s where it gets tricky!  Here’s what happens:  I come up with a wonderful idea, get excited and start telling people, spend months writing all my ideas down and creating to-do lists and then…nothing.  I quietly let that dream fade away because of the dreaded “f” word…FEAR.

Fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of getting older, fear of not making enough money…I could keep on going.

But, I’ve reached a point in my life where I’m tired of only dreaming.  Have you ever felt that way? Where dreaming isn’t cutting it anymore?  I’m ready to end this – I want to know what it’s actually like to follow my passion and live out my dream. I tend to make strides towards my dreams but always reach a point where it gets scary or tough and maybe I don’t understand what I’m doing or have the answers…so I stop.  But this time I’m determined to push through- which is why being here is so important to me.  I feel like I just signed up for the Weight Watchers® of following your dreams.  I actually have to “weigh in” every week and let you know how it’s going!  My toes are literally on the edge of the diving board…and this is just what I need to leap (or be pushed!) because, honestly, it’s scary!

So, let me start by sharing a bit about myself and my dreams!

Since I can remember I’ve always had the entrepreneurial spirit.  It started as a little girl putting on dance & musical numbers (of course I always wanted to perform AND direct!).  I even used to play “office” when I was little (I know, it sounds dreary but, actually was fun…it involved lots of stamps and stickers because apparently at the time I thought that’s what business owners did – stamp and sticker things!).  But it was dancing and doing silly musicals that became one of my first dreams…dancing professionally.  And once I started taking dance classes, I was completely hooked!  It became my life, my identity, the answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Flash forward to my first year of college, I’m a dance major….and reality starts sinking in.

  • How am I going to make a living as a dancer?
  • What if I can’t find a job?
  • What would I do with a dance degree?

And all the doubts became too overwhelming….so I switched majors.  Something I used to regret for a long time and played the “what if” game.  (If I had earned a dance degree, would I be dancing professionally?).  It took me awhile to realize that regret is useless.  You can’t go back.  And I realized that maybe I didn’t achieve my dream of dancing professionally….but I did spend a good 5+ years coaching and choreographing for wonderful dance teams.  And I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything!  Plus I ended up getting my degree in Small Business Entrepreneurship.  Even then I knew I wanted to open my own business and work for myself…I just didn’t know what business yet.

After college while I was working part-time coaching dance teams, I, like most other people, had bills to pay. Which meant getting a full-time job….and this started a long path of feeling stuck in boring, “suck all the creative out of you” corporate jobs.  I tried teaching dance for a few years but found it wasn’t for me, it’s very different from coaching & choreographing for dance teams…and that was really hard to take.  My whole identity to this point was dance.  Now to find out that I didn’t want to teach dance…uh oh.  I felt lost and now completely stuck in corporate America.

Being me, I kept on dreaming while working.  I started an aromatherapy business and created bath & body products using essential oils.  But guess what happened when I had to decide between pursuing that or staying in a safe, boring job?  Sigh…fear reared its ugly head.  Other ideas followed…cd store, tea café, yoga studio.  But one idea constantly kept popping up over the years…homewares boutique.

I have been OBSESSED with interior design since I was little.  It began in my bedroom where I would drive my mom nuts by constantly rearranging my furniture and painting the walls.  This progressed into buying every design magazine I could get my hands on and pouring through them for ideas.  When we go on trips, one of the first things I do is find all the cool homewares boutiques!!  Our house became grounds for me to decorate and a place for tear sheets to accumulate. But this was always just a hobby.  Open my own boutique?

Well, that’s what brings me here.

I’ve been dreaming about opening my own homewares boutique for years.  I finally had my “a-ha” moment and realized that instead of worrying about what would be the best business to open…I’m going with what I love and have a passion for.  And that’s beautiful design – whether for your home or yourself.

I’m ready for this new chapter and to finally, 100%, whole-heartedly pursue my dream.  I believe deep down that everyone should follow their passion and live their dreams.  And maybe more importantly I’m starting to understand now that even if I do fail, I know that I tried.  And you can’t regret that, right?  I’ve made huge strides this year (considering I’ve been dreaming about this for years!).  I just filed my LLC paperwork, got my EIN#, my checking account and started my blog.  The next steps will be big ones though – so I can’t promise it’s going to be all happy times.  I have a lot of challenges ahead of me.  But I’m so excited and looking forward to sharing what I’m going through with all of you and hoping you’ll come along with me.  Because you can keep pushing me off the diving board…even if I’m still clinging by my fingernails!

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  1. Jill

    Wow! Can’t wait to hear more… it sounds like she is on a path that a lot of us have found ourselves on, myself included!

  2. Melony

    Congratulations, Piper! I am so excited to follow your Dream Reports!!! I too love housewares and have home decorating magazines and tear sheets galore. Best wishes as you continue on your adventure!!!

  3. Jessica

    I hear my own words/thoughts/fears in this post … I can’t wait to follow along with you, Piper, as you pursue your dreams!

  4. Heather

    Hi Piper, Great post! I hear what you are saying 100%, I am also stopped by fear often and I too have come to a place recently where I am just tired of getting ready to get started and letting fear of….. hold me back from what it is i know I want and am here to do. So good for you for going for it and putting yourself out there. I have to be honest I applied for the Dream Reporter gig too and I would have loved it, but I think Jess made a great choice. Congrats and I look forward to following your journey..

  5. Anna

    Piper, Thanks for sharing. I can relate a lot to your post especially the fear factor. I look forward to reading more posts from you.

  6. Piper – this sounds great! Congratulations 🙂 I know exactly how you feel, as I only “opened” my shop back in September. Really took me a long time to convince myself I could do it. I still have doubts & worries, but overall I’m very happy with where I’m at in my life. Thanks for sharing your experience & I can’t wait to hear more!

  7. What an AWESOME story Piper! I feel like I was reading about my own life. Thanks for being so real! I can’t wait to continue reading your story and I wish you all the best!


  8. Jadyn

    Hi Piper! It was so fun to read your fist post. I’m looking forward to following your journey as you are indeed talking about things that we can all relate too. What an exciting venture for you to be starting your store! It’s obvious you are excited about this and I look forward to reading more.

  9. Emma Jo

    It’s going to be so much fun to read about your dream reports! I’m educated in industrial design and taking my diploma in 2 months, but I’ve just signed up for “corporate-sweden” because I feel like being my own comes after I’ve been someone else’s. Hopefully I’ll start my business next year, and I think your reports will keep me on that path!

    Seee you around!

  10. Eileen

    This is so exciting! As I was reading, I kept saying, “me too oh yeah I know me too” I can’t wait to follow you on your journey! So inspiring! Break a leg, Piper! 😉 {f.y.i. for anyone not knowing..it’s not literal! You say it for good luck before someone goes on stage}

  11. Krystle

    As a fellow Clevelander with the an entrepreneurial spirit, I’m really looking forward to reading about the trials and tribulations on your path to success. Best of luck Piper!

  12. That is so wonderful, I am also in the process of ‘rescuing myself’ from the corporate american, got sucked by the convenience and security (aka bullsh@t) – so thank you for the honesty and for the inspiration and I wish you all the luck to follow your dream!

  13. Flavia

    Piper, I’m excited to hear more about your journey! A housewares boutique sounds so wonderful, and I look forward to seeing your dream come true!

  14. katrina

    you are an angel, Piper. i thoroughly enjoyed your writing and feel immensely inspired by everything you’ve shared. everything your wrote resonates well with me.

    i’ve been simmering in self-doubt for the last several days, and now: i feel invigorated and for that i thank you.

    i look forward to reading about your progress — you’re in for one big adventure and i’ll be here to see it unfold.

    a hearty congratulations to you, my dear friend.

  15. lou

    piper that sounds awesome. it’s so nice reading about you dreams and how you got there. i really wish you all the best and i’ll be there to put you in a good mood whenever you need it. you know i’m good in spreading good vibes 🙂
    you go girl and you’ll be so happy soon!!

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