piper’s dream report: week eighteen

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Thank you all so much for your lovely and supportive comments on my post last week.  Especially since as you’ve gotten to know me by now, I’m sure you probably know that I’m freaking out a bit!!  And by a bit…I mean A LOT!!  Of course I’m also beyond thrilled and excited to give my dream a shot – I can’t even imagine what it will be like to wake up everyday and get to do something that I love and I’m passionate about.  But there’s also that little matter of not getting a steady paycheck anymore.  I’m thinking I’ll need to get used to ramen noodles…and even harder??  Giving up my guilty pleasure – Starbucks coffee – not sure I’m ready for that!

There’s so much to fill you guys in on, I’m not sure where to start!!  I’ll start with giving my notice at work.  To be honest, I had been thinking I would be let go.  Like I’ve mentioned before, my job is part time at best – they even had consultants come in and figure out what positions should stay and which should go – and apparently I must have been overlooked!  So since it wasn’t happening, I knew I would have to make a decision.  Not an easy one to make.  Of course, my hubby the wide-eyed optimist, had been encouraging me to quit (don’t you just love his outlook!!  I really am lucky in that department!)  But I’m the realist – and also the one that handles our financials.  And the reality is that we’re cutting our income in half.  The good news is that we live pretty frugally and we’ve been saving up since I’ve been wanting to do this for years!  Although I’m pretty much freaking out, it also feels empowering to take this leap of faith…to give myself this chance.  No Plan B as Jess posted!  (okay, I have to admit, I have bit of a Plan B – I can’t help it, it’s the worrier in me!!).  So only one week left…my last day is September 24th!!

And guess what??  I have my logo, business card and first concept on the web design!!!  For those of you who have gone through the logo and business card design process and were able to choose – my hat goes off to you!!  I had the hardest time making that final decision.  My logo designer really has the patience of a saint – she even graciously extended the number of rounds because I just couldn’t decide!  But you know what – it’s that darn instinct again.  Had I just gone with my original gut reaction – I wouldn’t have needed as many rounds – because that’s what I ended up going with.  But honestly it helped to see it against other designs to know for sure that it was “the one”!  So drumroll please….here’s a peek at my logo & biz card!

I can’t even tell you how much I love the design we ended up with.  She came up with the idea of the road sign stamp based off the name one sydney road and it just feels perfect for it.  She even designed some patterns based off that idea (first image) – and suggested having wrapping paper made using these patterns – how fun would that be??    So then I sent these images to the web designer (along with answers to questions they asked me such as other websites I like & colors I like)  Here I thought deciding on the logo was tough…the web design is even harder!!  There are so many different elements to consider – color, font, images, how it’s laid out, etc, etc!  And of course I’m second guessing myself – I LOVE clean, simple sites.  But do others?  Is it okay for my store site?  Again, I have to remind myself that I have to love it – it has to feel like me.

It’s still hard to believe that I could be opening in less than 6 weeks…is this really happening?  Since I just started receiving products, I’m thinking it is!  It was really exciting to receive that first box of product – I actually took photos to share with you!  Here’s a little sneak peek of what I’ll have in the shop…

A friend had said to me how fun it must be to buy all these things…and honestly, it really is…but like I told her, it would be more fun if I was using someone else’s money!  But as the products are coming in, it’s getting more and more exciting.  I still have so much left to do though – I’m a bit worried about meeting my grand opening deadline of October 18th.  I have tons of content to write for the website along with having to figure out shipping, packaging, and advertising/marketing.  One day at a time, one step at a time, right?  Counting down until I leave my day job…!!

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  1. Eva

    isn’t it a weird feeling?counting down for the days to leave your job and start something new , which by the way started already!!!yes, it is a weird and crazy feeling,your heart beats like faster than ever and the excitement is all over the place…along with the feelings that come with the unknown. But a great support system is always the Plan B needed and nothing more than that. The encouragement you get from your husband is the No. 1 motivator in this party and that will make you stronger to move ahead with any difficulty you might end up facing. i can tell you so much, i’m right there with you, maybe like 6 months ahead 🙂

    love your color selections and your simple lines. stay like that.

  2. Jenny

    I love your logo and I can’t wait to see the store open and ready for business! Leaving a job is scary, but you have a clear plan and a fab support system. You will fly!

  3. Jonna

    Wow! So cute! I love your logo, colors, and design scheme. It’s clean and fresh – fantastic. My last day at work is the 30th. I’m not leaving to pursue my ultimate dream, but I am going to a design agency which feels one step closer to the creative side of me! Wishing you luck!

  4. katrina

    hats off to you, Piper. i admire you immensely!

  5. April

    Piper it looks awesome!!! Yay you!!!

  6. Kate

    I love your excitement Piper! I can’t wait for the store launch! I am a home furnishings JUNKIE and I can’t wait to see it!!!

  7. Gina

    How exciting!! I leave my day job on Oct 29th and I have the same financial fears as you (and my husband is like yours – “just quit!” as if it is so easy…).

    But, overall I am super excited and have a million things I want to do and am excited that I will soon have a full day rather than just a few hours every evening.

    Best of luck to you at your final week on the j-o-b!

  8. Splendid Willow

    Piper, you are doing it, girl!!!!! I am so proud of you, I am about to explode!

    And the logo and business cards are just perfect! So lovely, so creative, so you!

    ox, Mon

  9. stephanie

    congrats on almost being done with your day job!!! logo, business cards, and beautiful tea towels are amazing!

  10. Leigh

    Aw Piper! I’ve been off the grid for awhile, but you’ve made so much progress. It really is happening! Hope you’re enjoying every moment and celebrating the small victories. xo,Leigh

  11. Emma Jo

    Look! You’ve got a proud reader in Sweden 😀 keep up the good work, i know you’ll make it!!

  12. Brandi

    Piper, I LOVE the business card. And everything else too. I’m just so freakin excited for you and for this new adventure you’re on.

  13. Amy

    What a fabulous idea … with the sign!

    And seriously, I may need those tea towels–there’s nothing wrong with buying yourself a Christmas present is there?!

  14. Charlotta

    How I love reading these posts here! It’s like having a compressed real life conversation with you and I am busting with pride for you Piper!

    The business cards are perfect! Stylish, clean, simple and most importantly (when it comes to networking) clear!
    These colours will translate well to the web and I love how you have chosen a clean design approach. It will read brilliantly online and I think you have done the absolute right thing in keeping the website simple and to the point! WELL DONE!!

    The stock is the cherry on top after all this hard work, and I love the little snapshots you have shared with us. Tea towels are addictive and I find I can’t ever have enough. I can’t wait to browse your store and see the full range. As for now I am totally in love with the ‘spoon’ print one!!

    Love when you have your final store logo and link, send them over to me and I’ll place them on both my blogs. I will also blog your announcement. Anything to help luv!
    Also, I have many years in the marketing and advertising business under my belt. Including product launches and viral marketing, so please don’t hesitate to use me for brainstorming of any kind. I’ll do what I can to help. Ok. xx

    Last but not least. Well done also on resigning. I bet this sealed the ‘reality’ of it all and I am so thrilled for you. I am also glad to hear you have a supportive husband by your side. It’s so important!

    Biggest hugs and once again CONGRATULATIONS on all your hard work and progress!! Nearly there..

    xx Charlotta

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