piper’s dream report: week fifteen

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I’m on pins and needles, you guys!!  I’m anxiously awaiting to see what ideas my logo designer has come up with for my logo  – this is the first time I’ll see what she has created.  (I should have them by the time you read this!)  I’m excited and nervous – it’s an interesting feeling having someone else create something for your store.  Will she understand what look & feel I’m trying to achieve – and how will that be conveyed through the logo?  Ah, so this is what it feels like to delegate something and not have complete control over it!

To start the process, she had me answer a few questions:

The cool thing?  I was more prepared than I realized for these questions.  At first, I of course felt overwhelmed…do I know these things – how do I decide – what are my ideas – what am I doing??  Sheesh, talk about panicking.  So I had to just go one by one.  The best part is that I realized I had already compiled a lot of information – it just wasn’t organized or concise.  (I have an excel spreadsheet that has tab after tab of information I’ve compiled over the past year or so – at this point, it’s a ridiculous mess – but at the very least I organized the info into tabs!!)  Also, a few months ago, I started collecting images of logos that I like and that I found myself drawn to – I figured this may help me understand what I’m looking for in my own logo.  So I just reviewed that, exfoliated the logos that didn’t seem to fit my aesthetic anymore and I was left with a document that actually showed logos that all have something in common…mostly word based, modern, simple and use color in some way.    So really this document of images answered most of the questions she asked – I just had to fill her in on my store, the concept and the feeling I want it to have and a bit about my target market.  The tough ones, right?!

I just started brain dumping writing at this point.  And this is where I was really able to narrow down my focus and even had an “a-ha” moment – I know what my store wants to be!!  It was actually there in front of me the whole time, I just needed someone to point it out to me (my hubby of all people!!  Hmm, maybe I need to promote him?)  I had listed a ton of adjectives that I felt described the store and the feeling I want it to have:


Cue my hubby:  “Wait…isn’t that exactly what you’re going for?  Making every day special – look even your consultant wrote that down as the way she’s seeing your store”  Are you kidding me??  It’s been there the whole time – I just didn’t pick up on it.  That’s it!  (except don’t even get me started on the fact that I hate how it’s worded…”making every day special”  There’s got to be a cooler, fresher, more playful way of saying that – that’s my mission now!!  Maybe something like “have your cake and eat it too” – yeah, I know, not great – I told you I wasn’t a copywriter!!  So all you awesome writers out there – if you have any ideas, I’m open!!)  Hmm…this could even be my tagline!

All this writing ended up turning into a 3-page document that described my store, gave the above adjectives, and included information about my target market.  The thing that made my day?  She emailed back and to paraphrase her she said “This is fantastic, you really did your research!”  If that isn’t vindication for all the time I’ve put into this so far – I don’t know what is! (grin)  I can’t even imagine how hard it’ll be for me to decide on the logo ideas she gives me…think it’s possible to have 3 different logos?  I’m hoping one will just leap off the page making life so much easier!

So in the midst of working on that, I’m also working on the web design.  Like I said last week, the web designers have this cool site that you log in to and find out what your “to-do’s” are.  My first ones are big ones – and it’s been a bit of a struggle to work on this.  I need to tell them my design preferences and my shopping cart preferences – basically, it’s decision time.  I keep feeling like I don’t want to get this wrong.  And this is also the part that involves writing the content for my site.  UGH!!

And if that all wasn’t enough – I’ve been contacting all the artists & designers I’m interested in having for the store.  I’ve lined up some great designers but there are a couple that I absolutely, 100% want to have for the store….that have yet to respond to my emails.  Right now I feel like a school girl anxiously waiting for the phone to ring from her crush. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they a.) offer wholesale and b.) want to work with me.  If they don’t, I may need to go back to the drawing board – and I’m running out of time!  Good news?  I still have over 40 artists/designers on the table.  Bad news?  I probably need to get it down to 20-25.  Like I’ve said – this is proving to be a hard task, I’m just not sure how I choose one over another.  But at some point I’m going to have to – I’m down to only 7-8 weeks until the store opens!!  I can’t wait until I can show you EVERYTHING I’ve been working on!!

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  1. Natalie

    Reading your report each week is so thrilling!! And now in these fourteen and fifteen week posts, it really feels like all of your hard work is totally paying off. I think, at the beginning of the journey, of any of our journeys, we could sit and think “I could do a ton of work and it might not amount to anything, and four months from now I’ll still be spinning my wheels…” But I feel like your journey is really a testament to the life design idea, proving that it really can be done! Here you are, with everything finally starting to click and the gears of real change and action starting to turn! I’m so excited for you and your logos, I can’t wait to see what you choose! And try not to stress too much about “messing up” your store site. As long as it sells a product you like, it can’t be too wrong! =)

    I’m no copywriter either, but if you want any more suggestions for your vision/tagline, here is what popped into my head:

    “for every special day”
    (implying that every day is special, or elaborated more in your mission statement or about page)

    Aaand I tried to think of some more but that’s all I’ve got, haha. This is tough!!

    The concept also kind of reminds me of when some people talk about using their fine china for every meal, because “every day is a special occasion.” Not sure if there’s any inspiration there for your tagline or not =)

    Anyway, good luck with your big decisions, and I can’t wait to see what next week holds!

  2. Lori

    How exciting! I’m no copywrite either, so I’ll leave that to the experts but I’m just excited to see everything come together. I can’t wait to see the list of artists you have. I’m sure it’ll be great. 🙂

  3. Emma Jo

    how about “Making each day memorable” ? Sorry, it’s hard being a copy when it’s not my native language 😛

    I am so proud of you Piper! I wish I could be where you are to give you a pat on the back and sip lemonade in the sunset.

    Keep up the good work, and I am off for some friday bowling! 😀 Later!

  4. Laura

    what about Celebrate Today or Ccelebrate Everyday – best of luck! keep up the good work

  5. Yay! well it sounds like you are a designer’s dream. Its so great to get all that info upfront. I’m sure they’ll come up with something wonderful!

  6. Erin

    What about something like “Every day, made special”?

    Can’t wait to see the logos!

  7. Heather

    Congrats Pipe! You are doing so amazing, you should be amazingly proud of yourself!

  8. pve

    Since you are all about “make under” – make sure there is a connection to that.
    So often we need to look at the true passion
    dress up in the inside
    “adorn each day from the inside with a make under”

  9. Leigh

    something about making the ordinary extraordinary. or that every day has the potential to be extraordinary.

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