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I’m back from vacation!  Although I think I’m still on “island time”.  I’m trying to cling to that good vibe you only get from vacation.  It was pure bliss getting to hang out by the ocean every day – I definitely got into that relaxed state.  It’s funny because I’m a typical type-A, stressed out, constantly thinking of the future person.  But on vacation…somehow that all changes and I’m completely able to live in the moment.  And yeah, I have to say it completely rocks to live in the present, where finding a place to eat for dinner is really the only thing to worry about!  My hubby and I call this “Vacation Piper”…sigh, I miss her already!

I’m desperately trying to hold on to that feeling, but boy does it go by quickly once you’re back in the real world!

It’s confession time…I took a complete and total vacation.  Physically, mentally…and electronically.  Which is not what I expected to do.  As I’ve written before, I tend to set grand plans and giant to-do lists for myself…and of course, vacation is no exception.  I brought a big folder with me of ideas for the store, people I need to contact, the products I’m looking at carrying…and I didn’t open it once.  I blame the ocean because once I felt the ocean breeze, I knew I just wanted to relax and enjoy my time.  Of course, in the way, way back of my mind I’d think to myself “tomorrow I’ll look at it.  I’ll just bring it to the beach with me”.  And then I’d pack my books and magazines instead.  But it was worth it.  I had such a wonderful time and came back feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and excited to get back to blogging and working on my store…oh and feeling completely behind and a bit worried that I lost the momentum I had going in to vacation.

How quickly that vacation glow can fade!

We had Monday off from work and my plan was to start working on blog posts for the week and business things.  Except I found I wasn’t quite ready to jump in, full steam ahead.  I was enjoying that feeling that really nothing is as important as spending time with your loved ones.  So I did just that and spent our last vacation day with my hubby, just relaxing, playing with the dogs and having fun.  Except there were a few, niggling little thoughts in the back of my head:  “what if I lost the momentum?”, “how will I ever manage to get caught up?” and more importantly “how do I carve out time for myself while I’m working full time, blogging and trying to start this store”.  Yep, there goes that nice, relaxed feeling!

So besides learning on vacation that alarm clocks should be illegal and that nothing beats a swim in a tropical ocean, I learned that I need to make peace with the fact that I can’t do it all.  I’m not necessarily happy about this…but it’s the truth.  There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things I need to do.  And vacation showed me that I need to find a little balance…even though I know I’ll still be working like a dog to start this store.  But for my health and sanity, I need to find the time to exercise (I missed being active!) and carve out quality time for myself and family (which means actually focusing on what my hubby is saying and not just thinking, in my head, all the things I need to do!).  I don’t want to feel burnt out…before I’ve even really started!  I think I’m spending so much time worrying and working, worrying and working…that I’m forgetting that this is something I love and enjoy.  I haven’t been looking at the big picture and visualizing the end result  – that I’m working towards my dream of owning my own store.

And, actually, I just realized as I was writing this that obviously working on the store is completely my passion…because I remembered that on our first day of vacation, my main mission was to go shopping and scout out cool stores and products.  And guess what?  Success!!  I came across a fantastic, cool & modern store in South Beach, ended up talking to the owner and finding out that they actually make their own products…and now have a connection with them for my own store!  So looks like I’m working on it, whether I realize it or not.

I’m just hoping I can get more things done because October is getting closer and closer.  And I have yet to decide on a logo or web designer!  (there are so many good ones out there – I’m having a hard time deciding!!)  So those are the next things on the good ole to-do list:

  • Clarify my concept for the store – what is One Sydney Road and what do I want it to feel like?  Who shops there?
  • Decide on a logo and web designer (this one is really going to be difficult – it requires making a decision and spending money!!)
  • Find time to exercise
  • And about 300 other items I need to do!!

Any advice (or commiseration!)…How do you retain that “vacation glow”?  Are there things you like to incorporate into your life after vacation

(the above are pictures from our vacation – the Keys have the most beautiful sunsets!)

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  1. Hi and welcome back Piper! I missed your post last week! As I read your post this week I was listening to Sara Tavares ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1C9mWN8vKHQ&feature=PlayList&p=4E687668AA80C3EB&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=5 ) and I was swept away by your pictures to a pleasant vacation with white beaches and purple sunsets, I bet yours was as excellent as I just imagined it to be 😉

    I like to use music to retain the vacation glow, I listen to the music I’ve listened to while on vacation…it brings back all the memories and feelings for me 🙂 it’s like taste and smell, but for me it’s music.

  2. Jonna

    I just got back from Hawaii, and oddly enough it took me a week to do, but today I made a weekly schedule. I realized that to achieve that balance I have to actually plan for it, which seems counterintuitive, but I’m hoping it works.

    I’m hoping that if I try to stick to this routine I might be able to get more sleep, more planned meals, more exercise, and see the realistic view of how much time I actually have to devote to pursuing my dreams. Have to start somewhere I guess! We’ll see!

    Oh and yes, good music and vacation clothes do help. 🙂

  3. Ironically, it’s Day 1 of my vacation from work! Although we’re staying close to home, it’s still easy to get sucked into lounging around, housework, and spending time with my man. I do want this to be a productive week though, so I had him help by pulling out some stuff for a house project so I have no excuse to not get started! Because luckily fixing up our apartment IS work-related when I’m interior design focused 🙂 I think you’re momentum is still going because you’ve taken time to relax and you’re still motivated to work on it. The key to not getting overwhelmed right away is to tackle a few small things to ease back into it. In your case, it may be checking in with a few web designers, setting up a spreadsheet of who you’re contacting/pricing/etc, pull together inspiring images for logo inspiration… little things that you can check off your list but don’t take TOO much brain-work. Save that for day two or three!

  4. Julia

    Woo! You go, girl! I’m so glad to hear you had a good vacation. I’m totally planning a trip to a Rancho Relaxo type of getaway myself (if anyone knows the Simpsons reference in there, I’ll bake you a batch of almond tea cakes)!

    And I think that getting a web and logo designer is a really good investment, personally. Either they’ll come up with a brilliant idea for you, or they’ll pull the idea out of you, OR you’ll realize you knew all along what you wanted! Either way, you’ll get the result you want. Keep it up!

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