piper’s dream report: week twenty four

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I don’t even know where to start…other than to say I’m just absolutely overwhelmed by all the lovely comments, posts, tweets & emails you all have sent and posted…I’m just blown away by the support you’ve sent my way.  I can’t even begin to thank you for that – it felt like confirmation that all my hard work and the roller coaster ride of emotions I went through were completely worth it!  I haven’t stopped smiling – I feel like Sally Fields right now,  “you like the site, you really like the site!!”  It has been so hard not being able to share everything with you – so when the store site went live I just couldn’t stop smiling – I’ve finally realized my dream!!  And yes I took your suggestion and we celebrated that night with a nice bottle of champagne!!

The first day the site went live ended up being another roller coaster of emotions for me.  I was jumping up and down with excitement at finally being able to share what I’ve spent months working on and the fact that my dream, for just that moment, had come to fruition.  It was hard to believe it was happening!  The other part was bittersweet – wishing my mom was here to be able to see the site and see that I finally, after talking about it constantly for years, have my own store.  Then when my first order came in, I couldn’t help but burst into the biggest grin.  I even took pictures of the first package I sent out!!

Of course, there were little glitches to work out…on one of my first orders…sigh.   Luckily it happened to a blog friend who was more than patient and supportive – especially when it ended up being 2 problems with having her order go through!    The funny thing is that I seriously must have checked and double-checked the website at least 20 times before going live!!  In fact, Sunday night, 11 pm, on the eve of the store site going live, my hubby and I were giddy with exhaustion, laughing like hyenas at the silliest things, as we double-checked each item.  I guess there’s such a thing as reviewing something too much (and reviewing it on little sleep)!  There goes the perfection thing!

After all these months of work, it’s funny to say, but now the work begins again.  My dream is still just a dream until I can make an actual living at it.  My fantasy of the store website crashing from so much volume didn’t happen – so I guess it’s on to Plan B!  (This is a good reminder to be careful of what you wish for…the 2nd day the site was live, my host was having technical problems causing the website to not come up…so I guess in a way it crashed…just not for the reason I wanted!)  Although orders have come in, it’s been slower than I expected.  I think I made the mistake of having higher expectations for the first week of being open.  (I got caught up in dream world!).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some blogs that I approached will feature my store.  It’s a long shot – but can you imagine if they do??!  I’ve been so focused on just getting the website up and running and the products styled and photographed that I haven’t had much time to focus on marketing.  Now I’ll be switching gears and focusing energy towards that.  I have some great ideas for getting people involved with the store website – having contests to come up with song titles to describe new products and weekly or monthly design challenges.  But I’m thinking I need to go back to the basics as well – plain old advertising!

I just want to send you all a big virtual hug – thank you for cheering me on and being so supportive.  I couldn’t have done it without you!!  O.M.G the store is open!! 🙂

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  1. Congrats Piper! Your store is beautiful. I REALLY like the selection and how you’ve styled the shots. You certainly have an eye for style and arrangement. I love how you wrapped your first package too. What a fun item to get in the mail!

    Best wishes as the orders roll in! 🙂

  2. Jill

    Congrats Piper! Really great job! You are not alone in wanting your products/store to be an instant success… I think everyone feels that way. After so much hard work and emotional energy spent on your part you can’t imagine why things WOULDN’T fly off the shelves… but be patient! It is all a process and one that will be an amazing ride. Hip hip hooray for following dreams!

  3. Shimmer

    I think it’s a beautiful site, and I love the photography/products you’ve picked.

    So I’m sure you have a pretty great chance of being featured 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Congratulations, the site is so beautiful! Love that picture of the first shipment, the packaging is great! I’ve loved following your journey. yay for following your dreams!

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