piper’s dream report: week twenty three

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We can begin the official countdown!  The store goes live in 2 days!  I’m afraid I might not be coherent in this post.  I haven’t had a day off in weeks and have been working long, long days (the kind where you’re barely conscious yet still typing away at the computer – I’ve definitely made a nice groove in my chair from sitting there so much!)  Not that I’m complaining, I love what I’m doing, I’m just ready for a nap!!  I’m busy right now crossing my T’s and dotting my I’s and then going back and doing it again!  So many minute details but, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now!!

I’ve poured my blood, sweat & tears into this venture (well, luckily no blood – but definitely the others!)  To actually see the result of my work, my years of ideas & dreams come to fruition – I don’t think I have words to describe that feeling.  Other than to say…Oh.My.God!!!

The anticipation is killing me.  I’m not sure what to expect when the store goes live – I’m assuming that my far-off fantasy of so much traffic hitting the site that it crashes will not be the case!  But what WILL happen?  This is completely not like me – I’m a planner.  My accountant just asked me the other day “what are you expecting in sales for the first month?”  I can guesstimate but it’s by no means accurate.   I hate saying “I’m not sure” but…I’m not sure!  And really that’s what helped get me to this point. For someone who has always lived thinking about the future and planning for all the “what ifs”, I’ve had to let that go and live more in the moment.

I honestly hope that people just enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed dreaming it up!  (of course, a few sales wouldn’t hurt either!) I’ve set it up with the thought that one sydney road is about shaking up the everyday and surrounding yourself with things you love.  And I can say that every item I’m selling has met with the “Piper loves it” test!!  I know there will be many more challenges ahead (marketing, anyone?!)  But right now, the focus is all on the store going live.  And the thrill of finally getting to show you what I’ve been working on this whole time!!

As I’m nearing the “go live” date, I’ve had to take a step back and try to view it all through new eyes.  I’ve been staring at these products and the website for so long now that, to me, it’s starting to not have that new feeling anymore.  I’ve been trying to view it as if I’m new to the store – what would my reaction be?  Not an easy task to see it as someone else’s work and not my own.  I’m much more critical of my own work than I am of anyone else.  I keep wanting to update things – make the photos more polished, the content wittier, come up with new ideas – all before I’ve even let others see it!  There’s that feeling of wanting to make that first impression count.  But I know the site will evolve as it grows & I learn more.

As I was looking at the site this morning I couldn’t help but notice there was a big grin on my face.  All the ideas and products have come together and if I do say so myself – it’s looking pretty darn good! After all these weeks & months (and years!) of working on this store, it seems funny to say this yet it’s true…the adventure is just beginning…

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  1. Hannah

    I can’t believe it’s ONLY been 23 weeks. Your life is completely different now. It’s taken you years to dream it and weeks to do it. Congratulations! I’m excited to check out your store on Monday.

  2. Emma Jo

    This is sooo exciting ! You’re nearly there. It’s just a few hours left until you “open the doors” to your store! I can’t wait 😀 Are you going to get some sleep tonight? 😉

  3. Cathy

    So freaking exciting! You’re there! And your manifesto is super cute. Can’t wait to see the store tomorrow!

  4. Maggie Rose

    So excited for you, and it’s so fun to see this dream unfold. Was just on your site, anxiously waiting to see the “open” and saw your “about me”. You’ll finally get to change it from “aspiring shop owner” to just “shop owner”. Amazing. And I can’t believe it’s only been 23 weeks – really not all that long to go from dreaming to reality. You’ve set an inspiring example for us!

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