piper’s dream report: week twenty two

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Hi everyone!  Deep breath…I’m almost there.  But I jumped the gun (I think it’s the Sagittarius in me – I can’t help but spill the beans!)  Important lesson learned – don’t announce the date of your opening until you’re 300%, written in stone, sure.  I feel like I’m coming to you, tail tucked between my legs, to say that I’m not going to meet my own, self-imposed opening date of October 25th. Not an easy thing to swallow – but probably very common for new businesses.  I’ve been frantically working to try and meet that deadline.  Luckily, I ended up speaking with my consultant this week and she gave me a reality check.  I don’t want to just open – I want to know that I’m ready, that my site is ready and that I have my ducks in a row.   (right now, I think my ducks are just running around in circles!)

After talking with her, I felt like I could breathe again. I’ve been putting in 12 to 16 hour days trying to get everything done by Monday.  And everyday I’ve ended the day exhausted and wondering how the hell I’m going to get it all done.  For as much as I’m accomplishing – it’s still not enough – I have days of work left.  I underestimated how long each task would take.  Taking photos of product?  Well, that should only take a day.  Try 3 days and counting.  Not to mention, you learn as you go.  We spent all day taking photos only to realize the next day that they’d look better against a different backdrop and come out much better when it’s a sunny day.  Yep, we had to retake them all.

The business has become a family affair.  As I’m typing this, my hubby (who took a week of vacation to help me!  Hmm, I’m thinking I may owe him one) is taking photos of all the products and my mother-in-law is busy ironing, playing personal assistant and most importantly, feeding us!  And the best part has been hearing them ooh and ahh over all the products – if that’s not a confidence builder, I don’t know what is! I’ve been so mired down in all the little details and the tech side that it’s been a well needed boost to physically see the products and remember that that’s why I’m doing this.  I absolutely love what I’ve found and can’t WAIT to share it with people.  That’s why I’m doing this.

So many things left to be done…content to be entered, photos to take & resize, testing the whole website…not to mention my emails are piling up and my blog feels like it’s collecting dust.  But you know what?  I still wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world!  I’m on the cusp of something I’ve spent years dreaming about.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it, right?!

Seeing the website come to life has been absolutely thrilling.  Seeing all the products together, the website design, the content – I spent years writing down ideas, spent years dreaming of what could be – now it’s a living, breathing thing!  It’s, for lack of a better word, unreal.

Thank you so much for the amazing support you all have been sending my way for weeks & months.  I don’t think I’d be where I am right now if it weren’t for everyone cheering me on.  I’m hoping you’ll stick with me for a little bit longer – I’m much more confident in saying “one sydney road will be open for business on November 1st.”  In theory, I could probably open by the end of next week but there’s something cool about starting out a brand new month with my store.  Although perhaps I should just say “opening soon”!!

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  1. Emma Jo

    I agree with you that the second photo was muuuuch better! Keep it up! you’re doing greeeat!

  2. Kayla

    I think giving yourself the extra time will mean you will be excited about the opening and not just glad all the work is over with! Good luck!

  3. Hazel

    It’s really interesting and useful to see the difference between the two pictures – thanks for posting that. Good luck! I’m excited for you!

  4. Cathy

    Don’t worry about missing your self-imposed deadline. We’ll keep waiting in patient anticipation! And good luck! The last minute stuff always takes the longest.

  5. I’m getting so excited to see your store! I’ve found that family help is so important! I will probably always owe my bf Ryan for the time he spends running “tech support” for my site and making my post office runs (since I’m usually at my day job during mail hours). The whirlwind of a launch is so exciting! Enjoy it but get some sleep too! I hope you have a bottle of champagne chilling for November 1st!

  6. Jenny

    So excited! It’s good to take the time to get it right and so you feel comfortable. I adore those pillows! Take care and can’t wait for November!!!

  7. I love the new photo with the stacked pillows. It shows the product in an interesting way.

    I love testing websites (I test as part of my job) and would be happy to help.

  8. Ann

    Way to go Piper! You are almost there! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Can’t wait to shop whenever the day actually happens.

  9. Congratulations on making your dream a reality! How exciting! I loved the second photo as well. I am sure you are going through a steep learning curve, but you are making it happen! Can’t wait to see your site as well. Until then, best wishes for amazing energy and support!
    PS – I loved the “behind the scenes” post.

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