piper’s dream report: week twenty

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Hi everyone!  Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions on packaging.  Sounds like we’re all in agreement that a little “thank you” note goes along way!  Sometimes I think it’s those tiny gestures that can make such a difference.  Good thing to keep in mind, right?  I’m now in week 2 of working from home.  Not sure I have the hang of it yet!  I’m still working the same hours (well, I’ll admit – I sleep in an extra ½ hour now – the funny thing is how much of a difference that makes.  Must be psychological!)  Partly I’m working these hours because my hubby does – I don’t want to start working just as he comes home!  But it’s also because I haven’t let myself fully open up to this new adventure – so much is on the line that it’s hard to feel like I can take a moment and just enjoy.

My mom used to always say to me “don’t forget to enjoy the journey”.  To which I’d roll my eyes, say something to the effect of “ugh” and then go back to agonizing over paint chips, job hunting or whatever task was overwhelming me.  It’s one of those things that you absolutely know your mom is right about – you just don’t want to admit it!  The funny thing is that I get it from her – she was a worrier – it must be passed down generation to generation.  But I know she was hoping I’d escape the clutches of it.  So I’m trying to figure this out still – how do I just enjoy this adventure when there’s so much to worry about!  Do I need to be hypnotized?  Brainwashed?  As I was in the midst of a level 10 freak out, Jess sent me this link to this week’s Biz Ladies post “How to Avoid Burnout as a Creative Entrepreneur”.  Uh oh – looks like I’m on that path to burnout – and I’ve barely started!!

“To start and grow your business, you need:
Inspiration + creativity + biz know how + production + systems + a million other things.”

Yep, that’s pretty much my to-do list right there (especially the million other things!)  No wonder I’m feeling frazzled.  And you know what’s gone by the wayside?  The things that inspire me – reading design magazines, spending time devouring design blogs and even things like working out or reading a book – they’ve all gone out the door because I don’t feel like I have time for them.  But that’s exactly what will cause me to lose my passion and excitement for this.  Don’t want that! So like the article said – I need to go back remembering the big stuff like why I wanted to start this business and not lose myself in all these tiny details.  When I think of that – I immediately get excited about all the possibilities and the fact that I’m living my dream RIGHT NOW!  So I’m trying to figure out how to fit in time to just enjoy.  Perhaps scheduling it in?!  Of course right now is crunch time – only a few weeks left until the store opens!  I can’t wait for you guys to see the website – we’ve finished the design portion and I’m thrilled with how it looks.  I’ve been receiving lots of beautiful products…I’m telling you, I don’t think I have the patience to wait 3 more weeks for the store to open!!!

And are you ready for this?  I’ve started writing content!!  Note to self:  the hardest part is starting.  Since I could tell I was procrastinating on this, I decided I needed to make it fun and take away the pressure.  So I set aside an afternoon, cranked up some music and just started writing.  I didn’t look at any other sites to see what they’re doing, didn’t consult any magazines or blogs for ideas…I just wrote.  Even if it was awful, silly, incoherent…it got written down.  On paper.  Old school style!  (sometimes I find that getting away from the computer and just putting pen to paper gets the creative juices flowing)  I definitely need to edit and edit again (grin) but, the hardest part is over – I have some content to work with now!  And it’s me.  I think it’s hard to remember that that’s partly what I’m selling or there’s a fear to just let loose and be me.  But I think that’s what draws people in – when you’re just yourself.  Some will love it, some will hate it, some won’t get it!  But isn’t that our niche – those who love and get it?  Now I just need to finish the content this weekend…

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  1. Brandi

    When I was redesigning my blog and planning out my food blog, I worked on paper a LOT. It’s amazing how much that old school style helps. And I agree with what your mother told you: it’s very important to enjoy the journey. I mean, look how creative you get to be everyday! You get to immerse yourself in design, explore — it’s fantastic, no? And I really can’t wait to see your website and read all the fantastic content you’ve been working on!

  2. Hazel

    This is a timely post because I have been experiencing burnout in the last couple of days. I kept wondering, why am I so tired all the time, why can’t I focus on anything, why am I snapping at my husband? Burnout. And I started to forget why I wanted to start a business in the first place – so I can do what I’m passionate about. So I’m going to slow down to a jog instead of a sprint and take time to unwind every day. Thanks for the reminder! And congrats on getting your content started! The hardest part!

  3. cailen

    wow…sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now! working from home can be crazy, but as long as you remember to seek balance (at least once in a while) you’ll flourish! also, that biz ladies post was great – i can definitely use some of their suggestions.

    all the best!

  4. Eva

    just focus and you can do it! you are there ~ almost there. take a deep breath and dive. and being able to start writing your content to an actual piece of paper will might seem that you are doing double work, but you will see how great of a help is it going to be when you start typing in the computer.

    and of course you know it. moms are always right ~ enjoy the journey ~ especially this one!

  5. Maggie Rose


    Good job getting started on the descriptions! I definitely do a lot of my writing on paper first and it always results in better quality.

    And YES, take the “me” time that you need – even when it’s work that you love, everyone needs downtime and relaxation. That’s often when the best ideas occur!

  6. lou

    oh that being tired, can’t focus, not having time for anything else is called burnout? ah. 🙂 it’s weird that you really want to do something so much and then when you’re finally doing it there comes something like burnout. isn’t this aweful? for me i know it’s coming from really not having enough time. the full-time job and the dream-job are really time consuming when you have to coordinate both things at a time. and then there is something else called life that needs a little place as well. what a hassle, right?
    you – i guess – have to organize your day. you’re new to this lifestyle and i think you should work the hours you did before and then take your time off. ok..maybe not until your shop opens as there are so many things that need to get done – but for the future you should really get a daily schedule and don’t forget to enjoy what you do. your mom’s absolutely right.

  7. Charlotta

    I am hugging you all the way from Sweden. Hugging and rocking, and telling you that ALL will be OK! Actually more than OK because you are living your dream. You cut all cords and started living life the way it is intended – with passion and towards your own unique goal!
    They say ‘leap and the net will appear’… That is what you are doing and I know that if you sit down quietly and listen inwardly you will hear a voice saying ‘Babe, you are doing it. And you are doing it well! Don’t worry!’.. Over time that voice will grow stronger until it unites with you, beause you know that you have done this right. You have crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘i’, and everything you have shared with us so far looks amazing!
    I liken this process with haivng a baby.. You can only prepare so much and then all you can do is let go and live with the knowledge that you are going to do the best you can, love without limits, learn to listen to your intuition, take advise from those more experienced but always adapt what they say to work for you because you know best!

    Deep breath my friend. You are nearly there, and I love that you are using pen and paper to draft the contnet. What a wonderful and meditative way to pour your soul into the gorgeous shell that will be your shop front!

    Biggest hugs all the way from Sweden!
    xx Charlotta

    P.S. Loving your guest post that will go up tomorrow. Just formatting everything once more right now. xx

  8. Jenny

    Enjoying the journey is something that I struggle with too. I’m in the midst of a time management struggle – juggling being a Mom, being in school, starting a little side business and the blog. Sitting down with pen and paper helps a lot! Love your posts every week!!! xoxo

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