piper’s dream report: week twentyone

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Hi everyone!  It’s nice to be back with my Dream Reporter post – especially since so many things are happening!!  To say the past few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions is probably understating it quite a bit.  One moment I’ll be flying high, excited that everything is coming together and looking forward to the grand opening.  The next, I’ll be curled up in a ball wondering why I ever started this business and how do I possibly get out of it?!  It’s crunch time so there’s a lot on my plate right now – so much that I don’t think I can add one more thing  (yet it seems that I’m adding to my list daily!)

Oh and before I forget to mention…I just got my last paycheck.  Things just got real, people!  Gulp.

I had to share something I just learned with you all.  Whenever you’re going to an event, party or maybe even shopping – wear what you’ll be selling!!  I learned this the hard way this past weekend.  A friend of mine had a big birthday bash…I got myself dressed up and put on some pretty earrings I got in Key West.  Guess what everyone commented on and wanted to know where I got them?  Yep, my earrings!!  Are ya kidding me??  So instead of being able to say “oh, by the way, I’m selling these lovely earrings – here’s my biz card”, I had to mumble through how these earrings came from vacation and blah, blah make sure you check out my store for other earrings.  Such a missed opportunity right?  Lesson learned!!  I’m thinking I should just drape myself with my products at all times…I can go out with one of the bags I’m carrying and tote around pillows and tea towels – it’d be a conversation starter, right?!

So, I’m knee deep in entering content onto the store website.  I have to say it was like being a kid on Christmas morning when I first saw what the site looks like with my actual products on it!  It was the first time that it really, really hit me – this is happening – I’m going to have a store!!  You can’t imagine though how much detail and information goes into each product.  Price, description, inventory amount, categories the product should be listed under, recommended products, description of the designers and photos.  It’s taking a lot longer to enter this information than I would like – in fact, my poor hubby has been put to work on helping me enter information.  This is in addition to his current role as photographer & receiving manager (grin).  Thank god he comes cheap – so far I’ve been able to get away with paying in hugs (hmm, that doesn’t sound right!!)

I wish I could say that I was done writing the product descriptions.  It’s still a work in progress.  Needless to say – I can’t wait for you all to read them – my hubby and I came up with an idea based on our love for music and it’s been fun/hair-pulling stress working on each description!  (I swear, I’m going to burst if I can’t show you the site soon!!)  I also have to take photos of all the products – that’ll be this weekend’s project.  I’m hoping for sunny days!

One thing I just crossed off the list – packaging!  Thank you all for your input – very helpful.  I wanted to have custom tissue paper created using the stripe pattern my logo designer came up with.  Once I found out how expensive it was to have custom paper printed (guess I’m not West Elm yet!) it was back to the drawing board.  And then wouldn’t you know it – guess what I came across?  Tissue paper with grey and white stripes!!  Not the same as my pattern but close enough and the price can’t be beat.  I’m pairing that with yellow tissue paper and kraft shipping tags with a stamp of one sydney road and then it’ll be all tied up with twine.  I can’t WAIT to send out my first package – to me, it’s those little touches that make it exciting and fun to send out a package.  And…I’ve got something up my sleeve.  Every order gets a little token of thanks…I’ll give a hint…it continues the music theme!

So the opening date is October 25th…fingers crossed.  It’s dependent on the web designer and me getting everything entered, updated and tested.  I definitely have butterflies in my stomach.  I’m anxious for people to see the store and excited to share what I’ve been working on this whole time!  I’m trying to keep my expectations in check.  I need to keep remembering that this is going to be a slow journey – a marathon not a sprint!

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  1. Janelle

    Piper, this is so exciting!! I totally love that fun yardage and want your shop to open immediately so I can buy some to make new kitchen curtains!!! It sounds like things are really coming together and I (all of us) can’t wait for the grand opening!! You’re so close!

  2. Betsy

    I’m so excited for you… and well for all of us too because I can’t wait to buy products. Is it bad that part of me wants to order something so I can see the pretty packaging you described? Ok oh course I’d want what was inside the package too! (the yardage products are adorable)

    Good luck in the final stretch we all wait with abated breath and ready credit cards!

  3. Pay him with sex….he’d love that.

    The store is coming along great. I can’t wait to go to the website.

  4. Emma Jo

    Woooow 😀 Good job ! It’s going to be so nice to actually see the store! I can’t wait, are you going to chip international too?

  5. October 25th!! I cannot wait! I will have to break my shopping hiatus just to see what fun packaging you have planned.

  6. Jenny

    So excited, so excited!!! Can’t wait to see the site and all the fab goodies. Adore the packaging, looks like it will be amazing! I’m so very proud of you girl!!

  7. Leigh

    so so so close! the totes and packaging are adorable. can’t wait to see the live site. it’s amazing to watch this dream come to fruition. i owe you an e-mail! will send shortly. xoxo.

  8. Piper…it’s all so exciting!!! I love hearing your updates and admire your courage for taking this HUGE leap!!!
    Your shop opens on my Birthday..Yayy! So I will definitely have to stop by and buy myself a present!!!

  9. AprilT

    Hi Piper!

    Where did you find your tissue paper/packing supplies? I got my first batch of tissue, bags and raffia from a local company (easy to refill) but am curious about others out there.

    Thanks and hugs!
    April Tilley

  10. lou

    oooh. goose bumps all over me. i’m so excited for you and can totally relate on the pressure and how to it must feel to get everything ready. hang on girl. you’ll be doing great and i can’t wait for your shop to open!

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