Introducing Play Time

For several months, I had been playing with the idea of doing a workshop around dropping the fears, assumptions, and limitations around time in the mind.

As I mentioned the idea to IVFT members, they were really excited. So in June 2021, we tried a new format of “class” where we experimented as a group around dropping our limitations around time in a 30-day, real-life, real-time way.

Time has been a fascinating aspect of my own personal life over the past six years — I’ve faced the fear of too much time and too little time. 

For the first few years of running The Lively Show I was someone who personally felt the crunch of too little time. I was overcommitted, over-scheduled, and stressed to my limits. I remember sitting on the side of the road by my car one day while living in Austin, Texas realizing that I finally created my “dream company”… only to be so tired and stressed that I didn’t even enjoy it.

And on the other hand, I swung to the other side of the time pendulum in 2018. I had to face a fear I never knew I had until that moment: the fear of too much time. But what would happen if I totally let go of all controls and aspirations towards time and filling it in? What if I lived in a totally blank calendar? 

Though there was a lot of mental resistance to the experiment back then, I persevered and have seen that the result over the past 3 years has been that time fits my life like a glove. Synchronicities and alignments of all kinds have flowed in as I’ve honed my awareness to the natural rhythm of my life beyond time. 

About Play Time

Play Time is a course I hosted live in June 2021. Now, the recordings are available for anyone who feels excited at the prospect of playing with time and how it serves you and your life! 

In Play Time, we did a new kind of “class” structure — I worked with everyone in the first week in two coaching calls, outlining the general principles and guidelines that I suggest applying to your life for the 30 days of this experiment. (Your lifestyle and schedule can look completely different from mine personally; the time principles and guidelines will be yours to personalize and adapt to your life as you and your inner voice see fit.)

Halfway through the month we had a coaching call for anyone who wanted to jump on to troubleshoot and share victories and outcomes of this experiment in their own lives. And we also did the same at the very end at the 30 day mark.

Play Time is included in the Alignment Bundle.

Play Time Includes:

Play Time includes 4 call recordings (in audio and video) with 11+ hours of coaching and Q+A. 

If you’re excited to see what life can be like when time serves you in a fun, freeform, playful way… this laboratory is for you! 

Play Time is included in the Alignment Bundle.