TLS Vlog #2: Portland


I’m taking you to Portland in today’s episode!

On day one of this three day trip, you’ll meet Tony and Joe from Team Lively while Dana of the Minimalist Baker cooks up some delicious gluten-free garlic mac and cheese.

On day two, I get my hair and makeup done by Madeline Roosevelt and she offers some great application tips and tricks.

We’ll then head to the Fizzle* interview to meet Chase and Barrett. After the interview, I offer some intuition advice during Fizzle’s ‘Office Hours.’

All that interviewing makes me hungry, so we’ll head to one of Portland’s awesome food cart parks for lunch. Afterwards, we’ll bounce around Portland (and may even get an impromptu serenade)!




Show Notes


From Day 1:
– Kiva
– Barista
– Tony Rulli
– Joe, Podcast Superhero
– Dana Schultz
– Recipe for garlic Mac and cheese

From Day 2:
– Madeline Roosevelt
Tartelette in Bloom eye shadow
MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation
– BH Cosmetics
– Dove bar soap*
– Chase Reeves
– Barrett Brooks
– Menagerie
– Smaaken Waffles
– Blue Star Donuts

Camera I used to film this video: Canon PowerShot G7 X


PS – Did you catch the first Vlog?




* I’m a huge fan of Fizzle for small business owners! I’ve been a Fizzler myself, love the team, and I’ve met + hired two members of Team Lively through this awesome community. Because I genuinely love what they do, I’m also an affiliate – try it for free for two weeks to see if it resonates with you. : )


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  1. travelwithkate

    Awesome job Jess!! Loving these! Keep it up 🙂

  2. Jess! Love this vlog! can you also put in the show notes where your lovely wrap/sweater is from that you are wearing on Day 1?

  3. Patty Palmer

    You continue to be the most adorable person ever. Video suits you, Jess! And I love the make-up.

  4. I’m so glad you’re vlogging now! It’s fun getting to know the Jess of Jess Plus, you’ve made me want to visit Portland. Thanks 🙂

  5. Elyse Verdeyen

    I enjoyed watching this! Thanks, Jess <3

  6. You rocked this, Jess! Great work. So fun! Thanks for sharing! Love the Fizzle show and Chase is a hoot.

  7. britneygardner

    Awww, it was so fun to see your whole trip!

  8. Love that you are vlogging now Jess! You continue to amaze and impress me! Loved the podcast and working on overwhelm on Thursday, totally my Achilles heel emotion!

  9. Martha G

    I thoroughly enjoy everything that you do. So glad that you are vlogging now. Great job on the video, it was fun to get a peek of your Portland trip.

  10. Alison Schilling

    Keep on vlogging Jess it was fun to watch the Portland trip!

  11. Heidi Mooney

    Thanks for sharing these great vlogs! I love your long gold necklace from day 2. Where is it from?

    1. It’s wonderful to hear you are enjoying the vlogs, Marina! Yes, it was a very fun trip. : )

  12. Keyva

    Jess Your makeup looks gorgeous!! Your eyes pop 😉

  13. Michelle April Reich

    I have to know what store that box-that-fell-off-the-boat stringed instrument is from! and who makes those…genius

    1. Great question! I’m not sure what store that was or what the story was behind the instrument…

      1. Elisabeth Archer

        Jess, Can you please find out the name of the shop where the last scene was filmed? The one with the wooden angel wings and fun guitars. Thank you!

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