TLS Vlog #14: Porto & Barcelona

TLS Vlog #14: Porto & Barcelona, Spain @

I’ve made it to Portugal! In this episode, I’m spending the week with ‘Life with Intention’ student Joana Galvao. She’ll show us around the lovely city of Porto and tell us why it’s great for ex-pats and entrepreneurs. I’ll also give you a tour of Joana’s office and a peak into what I’ve been working on this summer. We’ll also have dinner at the incredible Michelin-star restaurant, Casa de Chá da Boa Nova. Finally, I’ll meet up with my friend Nate from Ann Arbor as we check out Barcelona, Spain!



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Camera Used to Film This Video:
Canon G7X

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  1. Elizabeth Collins

    Hi Jess, I see you have been using the G7x for you vlog series. The Portugal video is my favorite so far- you have me convinced a trip is in order!
    I was wondering if you felt like the G7X would be a decent replacement for a DSLR? I have two actually, and while the pictures are amazing, I never have them with me because they are unwieldy or I don’t have the right lens on me or whatever. I also have a point and shoot that is super convenient that I use for video but it can’t be used for vlogging and the pictures are so/so. In a never-ending quest to simplify my life I was wondering if I could get away with replacing all of them with the G7X?
    Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated (also I know you said you weren’t checking comments so If a member of your team wants to chime in I would be equally grateful 😉

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