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Welcome to a new end of the week segment, Post Its.* My intention is to make my last entry each week a compilation of posts worth a virtual Post-It-Note, across many different blogs.

Get your creative hat on.

The coolest chalkboard art. Ever.

Cheerful photographs.

Cookies with charm.

Super cool + cheap Valentine’s Day project.

My next recipe to try.

Have a great weekend! And may February 14th be just as you like it.

*Obviously, I am not sponsored by 3M and the Post-It-Note subsidiary in any way. I use the name simply because it has become a generic term and the play on words pseudo-clever.
[Photo by Rachel at Heart of Light]

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  1. Blair

    Oh, what a great great idea! I can’t wait to check these links out. Have a great weekend Jess!

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