power hour


Today I want to share a few favorite videos as a new take on the term “power hour” (far from traditional college pre-game game).

This power hour consists of inspiring videos that would take roughly sixty minutes to watch (I think the actual total is about 50-ish minutes).

The first video is a favorite that really resonated with me several months ago. In fact, I became familiar with the term “shiny penny” from Mastin’s insights with Marie.



This next one (shared by Laura) is a new classic , particularly in the career and small business realm.



And last but not least, this short clip sent to me by Mr. Lively makes a great point about small business.





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  1. haha I LOVE the last one!! Perfect and I so needed to hear that today! I’m not sure if I’ll turn to shots for business stuff, but great video nonetheless!

  2. JillGG

    the middle one is a long time favorite of my and my husband. Just watched it again and was completely inspired all over again!

  3. ahhh…i love the whole power hour idea and all three of these videos have amazing nuggets of wisdom. thank you for sharing them!!!

  4. I made time in my day to watch all 3 of these videos. The one with Mastin and Marie gave me chills. This morning I was getting really caught up in how I want everything to be perfect and whining about my financial situation. I need to step back and think about the “why” again. Why am I doing this? Why do I want to serve women? What am I bringing to the world?

    Love, love, love this power hour. 🙂

    1. Very nice!

      I’ll keep it in mind that you like power hour and see if I can come up with another sometime in the future. ; )

  5. JennieClaire

    Thanks for sharing these Jess! The Simon Sinek video is awesome, he put into words what I’ve been struggling with for a few months now (successful marketing starts with why vs. what). It’s so good, I listened to it twice! It is definitely something I’ll use to try to improve my marketing plan — thank you again for sharing it!

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