new Be Present & Be Brave prints in the shop (& new GOLD tattoos!)


Sorry for the late post today! I have been working like crazy juggling everything with the new class launch, podcast, podcast editing, etc.

But I’m thrilled to share a project today that has been cooking behind the scenes over the past few weeks:

New prints for the shop – and GOLD intention tattoos!

That’s right, new prints!

Because let’s face it, with my love of interiors we knew that intention prints had to be in the works, right?

To make them, I worked with the talented artist, illustrator, author, and friend, Becky Murphy.

Becky is also the illustrator for the Life With Intention Online videos and she did a fantastic job with both projects.


Each 8″x10″ print also comes with free digital downloads for your phone and desktop, so you can take your intention wherever you go.

The prints each have their own personality – matching the Values the represent. And both prints work with a wide variety of interiors.


You can shop both prints here:

> Shop the BE PRESENT print. <

> Shop the BE BRAVE print. <


Gold Intention Tattoos


Since we have recently run through our initial inventory for the Intention Tattoos, I’ve placed a reorder in… GOLD!

In the next few weeks we will be getting a fresh batch of temporary intention tattoos in gold metallic ink.

With the holidays coming up, I’m (very) excited to mix the metallic tattoos with gold jewelry.

Since we don’t have them in stock yet, I can’t show you a real photo of them. But this is what they will look like (above)… only way prettier like the gold foil seen here.

Although we don’t have them in stock yet, we are taking pre-orders so you can make sure you get them before we run out before the holidays.


… Speaking of which, I’m pretty pumped that these new prints and tats will be in the shop for the holidays.

Along with the classic braille intention necklaces, these puppies would make great holiday gifts for people who are looking for a little more intention in their lives.

Check out the entire shop here.


PS – See you Thursday with a new Lively Show!


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  1. Hunter @ Vivian & Me

    gold metallic tattoos? this is amazing! can’t wait to order some.

  2. Kristina

    Those gold tattoos will be pretty for sure but are you planning on bringing the black ones back too?

    1. GREAT question, Kristina! I am not sure right now. I’m just going to see how the gold ones sell and make my decision from there. : )

      1. Kristina

        That’s a great answer Jess…and probably what I would have said too 😀 But I do hope that you’ll bring the black ones back one day.

        1. That’s good to know! I’ll definitely keep it in mind. I could see bringing back the black for the summer next year, perhaps. We’ll see!

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