pruning the bush

PruningTheBushLately I’ve found myself getting a bit wrapped up in a lot of different projects that have resulted in some bouts of overwhelm.

This is nothing new.

I’ve actually found myself in this position many, many times before.

Two of my greatest strengths: ideation and activation, are constantly cooking up new ideas and then putting them into action asquicklyashumanlypossible.

It’s how I’ve rolled my entire career.

However, each time I find myself in this position, I usually have a little internal ego crisis about the situation.

I get super stressed out juggling everything and trying not to let my career take over my entire life. Eventually, after a season of self-doubt, I finally get to a point where I surrender and let some things go.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the back of my mind my ego whispered, “You can’t keep continuing every project you’ve made for years on end, so you must seem kinda seem flaky.” 

But I’ve now come to a peaceful realization: bushes are meant to be pruned. 

In order to live my life with intention and design my business in a way that I love, I will constantly be coming up with new ideas and launching them.

That is just who I am.

For me to continue to become the fullest version of myself also means that I need to allow myself to evolve and prune my career as I go. 

I’m all for trying new things. But in order for me to do so – without going crazy – I’m going to need to reign in other aspects that aren’t serving me anymore. 

Because I happen to be a pretty constant “new idea” person, this may mean that I will need to prune my business more frequently than other business owners.

That doesn’t mean that something is wrong with me.

It doesn’t make me flaky.

It just means that I happen to evolve and reinvent my career quicker than some.

I don’t need to continue stagnant projects that no longer feel exciting and spirit-led, just so that I won’t disappoint some people or because I want to “keep pace” with other business owners out there.

Heck, if I lived that way I never would have closed Jess LC in the first place.

I’d just keep launching product collections on top of a million other With Intention projects and go insane.

To keep doing those projects that pump me up and stay sane, I gotta be able to have a natural and healthy pruning process on a regular basis.

Like Joyce Meyer says, “You’re pruned if you do, you’re pruned if you don’t.” 

I might as well prune with joy.


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  1. I’m RIGHT HERE in this situation. I’m so glad we did the Purpose Equation, though, because everything’s clearer now. Work is becoming more joyful now.

  2. Kate Anderson

    I love this. This is at the right moment for me. Have a great Business in the City tonight! May you prune with joy!

    1. Thanks! I hope everything is going well for you! Someone came to Biz in the City that I think you’d really like for Unicorn Wrangling. I gave her your blog. : )

  3. Chicspace/Marguerite

    Perfect timing! I just walked away from a request today, both because I didn’t have time and because I didn’t want to have that task/career/moniker anymore. And, as I pondered whether I should walk away, I thought of you and what you would advise. So…thank you!

    1. Aw, that’s awesome to hear! I love the timing of this post with your request – too crazy!

  4. Sara

    Absolutely love this and need to realize it for myself, too.

  5. Adding “prune with joy” to my to-do list. Although sometimes I feel like I’m hacking away at the overgrown parts with a machete. 🙂

  6. Eunice

    So true… but I have so much trouble ‘letting go’ of things.. I keep thinking if new projects means I have no perseverance or endurance to see something through till the end 🙁 Ahh well, but glad to know I’m not alone in this struggle!! Definitely need more work on this with the pruning expert! 🙂

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