TLS #214: Quantum Living Quick Guide #1: the law of attraction & the 3 most common misconceptions

Today we are kicking off the first episode of the Quantum Living Quick Guide. These QL episodes are the five I highly recommend listening to (or re-listening to), if you would like to catch up on where we are at and heading next over the coming season.

This episode on the Law of Attraction is giving us a foundation for many other subjects to come. In it, I explain where the LoA came from, why I got so connected to it, and I’m also sharing the three biggest misconceptions I had around this subject over the first several months I studied this work.

Please feel free to share this episode with anyone you believe may enjoy learning about this topic. : )

This episode is perfect for anyone who is new to The Lively Show, or anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding and implementation of the Law of Attraction.





  • Where did the Law of Attraction originate from.

  • What is the Law of Attraction exactly and how it explained today.

  • How the science of quantum mechanics (frequency, waves and vibration) relate to the Law of Attraction and affect our reality on the physical realm.

  • What are the three most common misconceptions about the Law of Attraction.

  • How alignment plays a role with your intuition and the universe, the source.




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