the lively show: increasing our joy with rachel macdonald (in spaces between)


This week on The Lively Show we are going global!

To Australia, to be specific.

I’m talking with Rachel MacDonald of In Spaces Between, a life and blog coach that loves intention, living wholly, and is pretty much my kindred spirit.

In today’s episode, I ask Rachel to share how she has come to embody such a high level of love and joy in her life… Because if you’ve ever seen her work, you can sense that there is a tangibly high level of joy and love seeping through in everything she does.

This show is perfect for anyone looking to increase their experiences of joy and love in their lives!







  • How Rachel first got exposed to spirituality and then came back to it after years of self-sabotage.
  • How Rachel did the inner work to be able to receive the healthy, loving relationship she has with her husband.
  • Rachel’s habits and practices to clear her energy blocks and move through difficult changes or challenges.
  • Easy practices and rituals we can incorporate into our lives to increase our joy.
  • The recent work Rachel has done to overcome limiting beliefs.
  • How Rachel prefers to meditate and how her motivation to meditate has shifted over the years.
  • What Rachel would tell someone just starting out on this journey.




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  1. Natalie | Natalie Dressed

    Two of my favorite ladies in one place! Loved this so much, Jess. And congrats on the success of the podcast! I am beaming for you! <3

    1. Yay! I hope you liked it and noticed I mentioned you in the show. Thank you for everything, Natalie!!

  2. Mai

    this was probably my favorite interview! i just found your podcast about 2 weeks ago and am slowly making my way through them all 🙂

    1. That is wonderful to hear, Mai! : ) I’m glad you are enjoying the show. Particularly this episode.

  3. Dani Alencar

    I haven’t written here before because I usually download the episodes on my phone and listen as I go. But I couldn’t be without coming here to thank for this interview. This is o inspiring. My favorite so far!! Thank you for interviewing her and thanks Rachel for sharing her story and wisdow.

  4. Vari @ Buttercup Ink

    I’ve been following Rach since the very beginning of In Spaces Between and it’s been so inspiring to watch her business unfold in such a natural and authentic way.

    This was a great insight to life before the blog!

    Vari x

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