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OhmygoodnessamIexcitedaboutthispost! This week I interrupt the beloved DYL interviews to bring you this very special reader makeunder by Morgan. A few months ago I outlined my process of making under (linked below) and Morgan sent me her schedule makeunder last week. I never thought to apply the steps to my schedule, but it make so much sense! When I get a moment to breathe, I intend to do my own schedule makeunder and register for (I hear good things).

My favorite part of Morgan’s makeunder is her letter to herself. It was like I was reading my own yearly letter to myself, tone and all.

Take a look at her intentions and I bet you’ll end up inspired like me. I have to say, I’m constantly inspired by all of you :). Keep up the great work.

Makeunder Steps

Step One – Create a vision
Step Two – Exfoliate stuff
Step Three – Identify intentions
Step Four- Reflect and Evolve

Morgan’s Schedule Makeunder

The person I want to be is ever-present, but hidden behind a cloud of physical and emotional crap. The path to contentment and my best self is found by removing the unnecessary stuff in my life. If my space is peaceful and clean, I will in turn feel calm and focused.   I need to change my environment to reflect my intentions to provide a space for my best self to develop.

Step One


Imagine how I want to feel once I have accomplished my intentions in SCHEDULE and then identify the steps I need to take to reach that end.
Solidify these ideas by creating a vision board, mantra, or writing a story.

What do I really, really want for myself? I want to feel happy, calm, collected, confident and positive in my relationships and myself.

Dear Morgan,

What a great year it’s been.  I have learned so much about relationships and myself.  I have stretched what I thought were my limits and impressed myself time after time. Working on time management and scheduling has helped my life to be calmer, more focused, happier, more confident and collected.  I don’t over-plan anymore and I am always focused on the people at hand.

When others are with me, they know and feel that they are of value to me and that I enjoy their company.  I only make plans that I genuinely care about.
I never forget to plan for myself and take time for personal maintenance.  I go to my favorite workout classes and made time to stay in shape at least three times a week without fail. I don’t get behind on things like tweezing, shaving, waxing, toenail painting; haircuts and things that make me feel good about myself and confident.

Although I see the people I care about less, I show that I am thinking of them through notes, postcards, texts and emails.

I don’t over-plan.  And I don’t let my apartment get too dirty or unorganized.  I feel good about who I am and how I treat myself and how I treat others.  Thank you for taking the time to help yourself Morgan.

Love, Morgan

Step Two


Go through whatever you’re dealing with while using the Need/Use/Love Rule.

In this case, I need to look at my plans for the upcoming day or week or summer and see if what I have planned is something I Need/Use/Love and get rid of what does not fit into my vision for myself (my letter).

I can tell you right now that this will be difficult to distinguish, only because I truly love so many people and things I do.  However, this is the simplest and most understandable approach I can imagine to tackling this problem.  I see my time management problem as something that I can carry right with me till I am my grandma’s age and although I adore and respect my grandma, I don’t think her schedule is what I want for myself (or at least not with my current mindset).

So… here I start.

Scheduling:  Things I Need/Use/Love

  • Work and Commuting Time (also keeping up friendships at work)
  • Exercise 3x Per Week (Minimum)
  • Personal Maintenance (haircuts, nails, wax, etc)
  • Cooking 2x Per Week (for joy of doing and health)
  • Paying Bills and Checking Bank Account
  • Friend Communication (Carey, Pamela, Amanda, Missy, Joanne, Jessica, Others)
  • Family Communication (Mom, Brother, Dad, Grandma)
  • Clean Apartment
  • Crosswords and The Office

(this looks like an extensive list already…. Quite daunting)

Scheduling:  Thing I Don’t Need/Use/Love

  • Prolonged Facebook Stalking/Time Wasting (I am allowing myself 5 measly minutes a day)
  • Most of the things on my Need/Use/Love list DO NOT take place after midnight (with exceptions).  Therefore, I feel like I should curb the amount of time I spent staying up till the wee hours of the morning unless it’s for something I really love and enjoy.
  • Excessive trips (if I have 3 days available to be somewhere visiting someone, I am learning to take 2 only and have some leftover time on either side for myself).
  • Jumping from one unfinished task to the other.
  • Spending more money than I have (this does not have to do with scheduling so much, but my next task is making a budget)
  • Alone time with friends who don’t need/appreciate it
  • I work in my hometown and when I’m there I feel like I need to see my high school friends, mom, dad, Pamela and her family, workout, etc.  When I am there, I will pick one thing to concentrate on and not stress myself out expecting to accomplish more.


I thought about making a planner color-coded with things I need/use/love, but those things that eat up my time are never on my planner.  I’ve decided to print this out for the time being, but also start working on a bit of an artistic collage/painting that can hang up to remind me of the things I want to keep in my life and if I’m spending time doing something not really on there or that I don’t need/use/love, to stop and redirect myself.

In college, I made 5 new year’s resolutions that I hung up next to the door to exit my room.  They were big goals and whenever I was headed to do something I would check my goals and if what I was going to do didn’t help me reach one of those goals, I wouldn’t do it.  I had great focus and self-control that year and reached each of my goals.

Thank you Jess for your blog and support.  You have been a wonderful influence on my life through your website.

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  1. Brandy

    Hey girl! Hope you got my email, I was having some weird complications last night. Just wanted to tell you to check out The LOVELY List. Because you are my feature today. Check your email for details and if you didn’t get it just shoot me an email and I will fill you in 🙂
    xoxo Brandy

  2. Rebecca

    thank you so much for sharing!
    I am going to find myself checking back to this list to keep on track with my own schedule. I find myself over committing and not being able to say ‘no’ and i get overwhelmed.

  3. ohbrooke

    LOVE this. And congrats on the lovely list! I used Mint briefly, and heard wonderful things, but then read something about if someone hacks into your mint account, the bank won’t help you out because mint is a third party… hope someone can set me straight because mint has MANY really great features!

  4. Jess

    @ Brandy: Yes, I did! Thanks, I am posting about it very soon :).

    @ Rebecca: I am right there with you. I had a situation like that yesterday. And I found by being honest, I was able to resolve the situation and end up much happier.

    @ Brooke: Mint- I know, I’m not crazy about the info being so ‘out there.’ Erwin is using it and loves it. I imagine that they have some good security, but it does seem like a risk.

  5. Amanda

    Love the idea about checking in with your goals every time you walk out the door! What a great way to keep yourself on track.

  6. S.E.Minegar

    Great make-under idea Morgan. As a chronic overcommitter, I have tried all kinds of things to manage the chaos: day planners (scheduled down to the minute), “to do” lists, resolutions, motivational mottos (to keep me pumped), etc. But I never really considered making UNDER my schedule. I am going to give this a test run. I have a feeling this might help me live more in the present.

  7. pve design

    Great post, but I do not like the photo of her Morgan sticking her tongue out at me.
    I am an old fashioned gal. I know that it is in fashion, but I still prefer photos of smiles over tongues!! It reminds me of “KISS!”
    Please don’t hate me, or stick out your tongue at me….lol!

  8. Jess

    @ Amanda: I agree, that sounds like a great idea. I think I might do the same with my door to my studio. Hmm.. Maybe even on my refrigerator.

    @ SE: Great advice! For me I always struggle to balance the blog reader as work vs. time consumer. Somehow I never quite know which one it is.

    @ PVE: Lol, I never thought of it like KISS. I wonder why they trademarked sticking their tongues out.

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