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Though I don’t normally do posts on the weekend, I couldn’t help but share the gratitude I feel for these two recent features.

Yesterday Oh Joy shared coin purses on her amazing blog. I’ve been a huge fan of her for years and to see her get excited about our coin purses is truly amazing.

And earlier this week I was interviewed for a Psych Central article on 12 Ways Successful Bloggers, Entrepreneurs Stay Productive. The article is great and shares my viewpoints along with the likes of Tara Gentile. It was great to see how differently we all approach our workdays and life balance.

As many of you know, one of the best ways for me to stay productive during the weekdays is to avoid email on nights and weekends. I still highly recommend the practice for those who haven’t tried it yet. It has changed my life and helped me truly appreciate what I do in and outside of work.

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  1. Nikell

    Congrats!! I’m glad things have been going well for you. I love the new collections.

  2. Jess, congrats on your feature at Oh Joy! It’s very well-deserved! The coin purses are gorgeous.

    Also, thanks so much for linking to my article on Psych Central. You provided tons of great insight.

  3. Allyson

    So glad you got recognized! You work is so amazing. I’m especially in love with the scarves. Sadly, they are just out of my price range for a weather related accessory when I live in one of the hottest states. However, that will not stop me from clicking over to your website just to stare longingly! Your work is so great!

  4. Jess

    Thanks, ladies!

    Allyson, so happy to hear you like the new scarves. We have other new “warm weather friendly” products coming up in the months to come!

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