recommended read: 100 golden no’s

The best thing to do with a blog is share the most useful thing you have. And sometimes that useful thing doesn’t always come from yourself.

This afternoon, the best thing I can do is share a wonderful insight from Haley of Tiny Twig, called 100 Golden No’s. I don’t want to give her idea away, so please go read it. It’s very special.

And I have Hope, an MML reader, to thank for the recommendation. Thank you, Hope!

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  1. SJM

    Thanks for this! I used it as motivation to compile my “Kudos” folder for when I plan my raise negotiation next month! Maybe “no” is just a polite decline, not a judgement after all…

  2. Jess

    You are all most welcome! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Hayley’s post!

    SJM, I think you are onto something, best of luck in your negotiation!

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