TLS #224: The Next Evolution of Human Consciousness & Community with Rob Bell

Dreams. Do. Come. True!

And this episode is one of those dreams for me. Today’s show is a series of huge a-ha moments with the one and only, Rob Bell.

Rob Bell is a bestselling author, spiritual leader, friend + collaborator with Oprah, deep thinker, and podcaster behind The Robcast. When it comes to seeing the world from a trans-rational perspective, Rob is one of the thought leaders I most admire and resonate with on many levels.

In this episode, we are covering a HUGE range of subjects and depths. And honestly, I just want you to… experience it.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to hear an eye-opening conversation including the evolution of consciousness, quantum mechanics, spirituality, energy, and so much more.  


PS: Jeff, thank you so very, very much for making this dream a reality.






  • Rob discusses how his career began, going to seminary, later opening a church and teaming up with Oprah.

  • He talks about how he always found fascination with asking questions and how that lead him to helping people.
  • Rob summarizes his past talk about the big bang theory and how the universe is expanding.

  • He talks about Quantum Mechanics and the foundation of thought and how science plays a role in everything.

  • Rob describes how Christianity relates to the universal cell theory.

  • He reviews his thoughts about the real crisis of the modern age with human beings today.

  • Rob tells us that the leading edge of culture comes from a vision of generosity and abundance.
  • He discusses water, flow and intuition and how they all relate in our universe.

  • Rob talks about what it means to be a human and how our environment has shifted our focus over time.



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  1. Jeremy

    I LOVE the “divine sparks” that flew in this jam session between the two of you!!! As a regular listener of both shows – this is a convo I’ve been anticipating for some time:)

    Your exchanges helped refine/reclaim my understanding of: evolution, paradox, enlightenment, culture shaping, intuition, maturity, spiritual practice, dignity and self-care.

    Jess, you really shone in the depth and broadness of the perspectives you brought. I feel that gave Rob even more room to dance than he already has. Can’t wait to hear him drop the term “extinction bark” on his show…

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