TLS #187: Energy, Flow, and Finding Adventure in Your Own Hometown with Rob Lawless

Happy 2017!

I am SO excited to dive into this year with you… reading all of the wonderful emails and comments sharing how pumped you are about more episodes around consciousness and energy was incredible. And we’re starting this focus today with an interview with Rob Lawless, a 26 year-old Philadelphian who is using these principles his own life.

Rob has set out to meet 10,000 people – spending one hour getting to know each person individually through his project, So far, Rob has met 600+ people and the project is gaining momentum, attention, and creating fascinating connections for the members of the project.

In addition to the project itself, we spend the second half of the show discussing Rob’s mindset and the results he has seen from focusing his energy and finding flow within his circumstances.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking to get inspired to live a more adventurous life within their hometown, and for anyone looking to hear an inspiring story of flow, energy, and alignment.





  • Rob tells us how he chose this project after being laid off from his job and how this has become his life mission.

  • He talks about the common themes that he hears from the people he meets and interviews.

  • He describes a theme that he has found which is taking difficult situations and turning them into positive life experiences.

  • Rob talks about how all these stories and experiences have changed his life and he now has a new awareness in his life.

  • He discusses how the loss of his job contributed to this project in a positive way.

  • Rob says that you need to become more vulnerable in order to overcome the obstacles of doing something new or achieving a goal.

  • He says the key to this project is to meet people and share stories without any “transactional” value attached.

  • Rob’s conversation with the people is mainly about where they are today, where they were before and the in-between parts of how they got there.

  • He describes his excitement with uncertainty in the future because it makes his life exciting and adds adventure to it.

  • Rob talks about his internal doubts and where he sees himself going forward in his life and his project.




Myers & Briggs

The Alchemist

Laws of Attraction




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  1. Inma

    I love waking up on a Thursday and having something really interesting and inspiring to listen to on my walk into work 🙂 I loved your work on flow so much in 2016 and am excited to see how it all keeps unfolding on The Lively Show. Also loving how flow looks different for different people and we can all introduce it into our lives. I have been playing with it since the summer and would have never done it had it not been for your podcast and your inspiring experience, so thank you so much!

    Inma x |

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