san fran: part two

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Happy weekend! I’ll start off by saying that the End of the Week Exfoliation will be coming later this afternoon.

For now I’ll share how the race and the rest of our trip went.

Random Side Notes


I didn’t mention it yesterday, but we stayed at the Hotel Monaco. It was a beautiful hotel and I would definitely recommend it for anyone visiting the city who wants to stay downtown.


On the way back from Boudin, we took a trolley ride back to our hotel. It was incredible to see all those hills in an urban area.


And of course I couldn’t leave without seeing the famous Panted Ladies on Steiner St.

Nike Women’s Marathon


When we began the race it was clear, Bernard’s idea to meet some ladies was a good one. The race was only 5% male.


The race was a good one. We took the first half about 1 minute to 1.5 minutes slower per mile than normal on account of the hills. This turned out to be an excellent idea because we were able to drop 10 minutes off the second half of the race and we finished strong. That’s us there in the peach and yellow. Erwin followed us via text messages and ran with us for a few hundred meters at mile 15. We ended up finishing just under 4 hours and 50 minutes. Not my fastest race, but I felt great.


As we were told, we got Tiffany & Co. necklaces instead of medals. They were handed out by cute firemen wearing tuxedos. On a red carpet no less. Talk about a women’s marathon.


And as for our plan to hook Bernard up with some hotties… we got a few calls, texts, and introductions during the race. And we heard laughter the whole race coming from those who saw the message behind us.

Napa and Sonoma Valley


Erwin took a flight after the race home for work. On Monday, Bernard and I stayed and rented a car to explore Napa and Sonoma. We stopped for a quick photo on the way.


The weather was all over the place. It rained on and off 17 times that day. Which meant we saw three rainbows including two rainbow tails!


We ended up tasting wine at two wineries, Murphy-Goode and Pine Ridge. I remembered Murphy-Goode from a blog I read months ago and Pine Ridge is the maker of my favorite wine, Chenin Blanc-Viognier.


The winery was beautiful and had a lot of tours and activities for those who have time to explore.

Overall, it was a great trip and we covered a lot of miles and sites along the way. I have to give a huge shout out to Bernard, who was part friend, tour guide, and running partner along the way.

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  1. Bernard

    it was a wonderful time with you too Jess! wouldn’t have enjoyed the trip any other way!!! 🙂

  2. Jill

    Looks like an amazing time! Rainbow tails!?!? How amazing! I never even knew you could actually see the end of the rainbow! And I am just SMITTEN with your new glasses! So chic! So you! I love them!

  3. Christina

    Congrats on completing your marathon. I’m so jealous of your necklace and really want to run this race some day. Maybe next year I’ll try and get in.

  4. alli michelle

    This looks like such a fun trip, and your photos look amazing. And the Tiffany necklace instead of a medal would definitely be an incentive for me!

  5. sassy molassy

    Jess, your photos are amazing! Looks like you truly explored some great parts of the city. I looove going by the Boudin bread company. And the crab shaped bread gets me every time!

    Congrats on the marathon! Next time you go to SF, you have to visit the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park.

    Oh and Jenna from works at Murphy-Goode winery! It’s a recent job change and big move for her.

  6. rebecca

    congrats on the race! It looks like you had a fabulous time too, and i love B’s shirt. That is awesome. You will have to keep us updated if anything comes from it.

  7. love the shirts, very nice idea and congrats on a great race! i think if i had to run two miles right now, i’d crawl into fetal position on the side of the road and lay there until someone came to pick me up.

  8. Simone

    Wow, it looks like you had a really great trip! San Francisco is such an amazing city…

  9. Jess

    @ Bernard: Aw. 🙂

    @ Jill: I knew you would notice the glasses! So glad you like them too.

    @ Christina and Alli Michelle: I’d recommend the half-marathon if you want to avoid the hill training… it’s easier and you get the exact same necklace.

    @ Sassy Molassy: So funny you mentioned, Jenna, the lady at the winery mentioned her too. I wonder if she’s the blog I found MG on. And I’ll try the tea garden next time I go.

    @ Rebecca: I will be sure to keep you all updated on B’s progress.

    @ Down and Out Chic: Haha, well, training helps change that. I think the first two weeks of getting back in shape are by far the worst.

    @ Simone: Agreed!

  10. Rebecca

    Congrats on your race!! Isn’t SF so pretty? Love it up there and your photos are great!

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