TLS #295: The Client Sessions: Confidence, Weight, & Parental Criticism with Sarah O’Brien

Today we’re talking with a working mom named Sarah O’Brien about something lots of listeners can relate to: confidence and weight. It’s a powerful deep dive for anyone who’s struggling with intuitive eating or wants to feel at peace in their body.

Sarah and I discuss why the mind can be so terrified to do anything that makes us stand out, even if it means standing out for the better, and why we sometimes feel guilty about coming off as successful.

We explore how we sometimes keep ourselves in situations we don’t like through the Law of Attraction, and how that can translate to holding onto extra weight. We also consider the hurdles of trying to solve internal issues with external changes, how to meditate with food, and why letting your mind run the show is like letting a three-year-old be in charge of your life.

Sarah and I also touch on the sticky issue of parental criticism, and how to flow beyond it. Her Inner Voice has a great sense of humor, so I have a feeling you’ll love this one!

Let’s go to the show. : )






  • Sarah talks about her feeling and issues with  her confidence and weight.

  • She speaks about the guilt she feels around the idea of  “success” or perfection.

  • Sarah discuss her thoughts on intuitive eating and parental criticism.





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