saying yes to life

Good afternoon! I got back from Denver last night and rolled in my apartment just before midnight. The entire experience was awesome, I had so much fun working with the ladies at American Express OPEN and the Score folks as well. I also made a new friend, Amanda, who was my social media co-panelist and co-founder of Think So out of NYC.

[I will also mention quickly that the red bag I packed and photographed earlier this week is a Jack Gomme purchased at Spare Parts, an adorable shop around the corner from my apartment who also sells Jess LC.]

In other news, a super-secret blogger from Texas and her husband are flying in tomorrow morning to model and shoot our new Diversey lookbook. And to make things even more crazy, we also have a Macy’s trunk show tomorrow night on State St. from 5:30p-11p. Feel free to stop by and say hi, I’ll be there in the first half of the event and Melissa will be finishing up the show.

Saying Yes to Life

As you know, my life looks totally different now than it did just seven days ago. And with it has come a wave of highs, lows, and opportunities. I’ve also realized that over the past year or two I became comfortable in my life, I was happy and content. Within that contentment, I was comfortable with saying no to opportunities that did not align with my intentions. For example, I loved nesting and being at home more than traveling. So I wouldn’t seek out opportunities to travel unless it was for something major like a marathon or business trip. I also didn’t see a huge benefit to networking without a specific purpose. I liked to stay in on one of the weekend nights and just relax. I preferred one-on-one interactions over large groups. I went mostly to my favorite local bars and restaurants close to home. I even liked ordering the same meal each and every time I went to dinner.

The up-side to this life was that it was exactly as I liked it. I only did things that had a known positive outcome. I didn’t waste my time doing things that might not align with my intentions. It was like I created a security blanket of ‘no’s’ that kept me warm, safe, and secure in the little life I enjoyed so much.

Then the move happened and what I “wanted” is not available to me anymore. I am forced to go off-roading on the life plan I mapped out so meticulously. My main goals and destination is still the same, but how I will get there has been altered. Life has something different in store for me. Something I didn’t plan. Something I didn’t ask for.

And though right now I have no idea what the hell that new life looks like, I have decided to have faith that it is even bigger, more rewarding, more satisfying, than the life I had planned. Even though I don’t know why it’s happening yet, I trust that it’s not happening for any other reason than to make me a better person.

Given that I don’t know where Life is leading me, I have decided to just start saying yes to things that I may not normally choose.

I’m saying yes to travel for work and play when the opportunities arise.

I’m saying yes to meeting new people and going out in larger groups.

I’m saying yes to networking without an objective.

I’m saying yes to letting tomorrow sort itself out and to doing the best I can today.

I’m saying yes to living life without the answers.

I think by saying yes to these new unknowns, I will start to be guided towards the path that Life has in store for me. And though there may be some new things that don’t work out for the best, overall I will have a better chance at finding happiness where I may least expect it.

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  1. Brigitte

    Hi Jess – What a great outlook! I think you’re exactly right; your life is just going to get better and better as you open yourself to new people and experiences.

  2. Lisa


    Agreed. Life takes unexpected detours, but it’s what makes us well-rounded people. I can relate to your “no” security blanket…I am so there right now. Thank you for the reminder that life needs to be EXPERIENCED, not controlled.


  3. Jill

    Jess, I love this post and your new outlook on life. I tend to do the same thing – but under the guise of “I’m a mom” – saying no to things is very easy when you are a mom. Social things that I would love to do I often pass on or going after things I want I let fall by the wayside with my family responsibilities as an excuse. Of course, those responsibilities are important – but my dreams are too! This is a great reminde!r (I love the bold pink visual above too!)

  4. cailen

    it’s amazing how attitude makes all the difference. saying “i want to…” or “i choose to…” is so much more empowering than saying “i have to…”

  5. Betsy

    There is nothing harder than having your life plan uprooted. You posts really hit home with where I was a few years ago. Plan gone, all I wanted to do was curl in a ball and cry or run away… just run. I’m really impressed with your outlook, and I think you really will find that when you look back in a few months or a few years that where you are is better and bigger than anything you had planned.

    “If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans…” 🙂

  6. Stephanie

    What a great attitude! As much as I cringe when I think about doing it, stepping out of your comfort zone is often so rewarding – and fun! Enjoy it!

  7. Melissa

    What an inspiring post! Kudos to you for stepping out of the comfort zone and taking exciting chances. I embarked on a similar journey just about two years ago (I literally said “yes” to every opportunity that I feasibly could do). At the peak of this adventure, I had acquired six different invitations to do stuff on one Saturday! And I reflected back about how I got there, which was pretty powerful to think about. On that very same weekend, I started dating my now-boyfriend. So, since that one epic Saturday, my life has started to settle again, but it’s really cool to think back to that challenge two years back. I hope you have thrilling, fun, and wonderful adventures on your journey of “yes”!

  8. Thaís

    what a great post! that was all i needed to read!

  9. Cathy

    Great post! It’s definitely important to say “yes” to the opportunities that will help you grow. At the same time, we need to remember that it’s OK to say “no” to the situations that will bring us down.

  10. Michelle

    Good for you to saying yes to the unknown! Some of the best experiences come from uncertainty and I’m sure you’re going to have amazing experiences soon.

  11. arathi.

    Hi Jess!

    I completely agree with what you have said here, because recently, I have been coming to the same realisations myself. I think a lot of us get too contented in our comfort zones that we stop making an effort to try something different, take new risks, confront new challenges and hence, refuse to veer away from what we are so used to.

    I love this post because I’ll be heading to the UK in a week and it’s going to be the same for me; to face up to all my fears/dislikes and trying to assimilate into a new environment. I’m part looking forward to it and part freaked out, but whatever it may be, I shall be hoping for the best, as are you!


  12. Laura

    Jess, This is fabulous. Thank you for reminding us that embracing the uncertainty of life can be a beautiful thing! I look forward to seeing where life takes you 🙂

  13. Anna

    Oh good for you, Jess! I love your attitude and new outlook on life!

  14. April

    That is the exact advice someone gave to me when I was going through my divorce. That I needed to say YES to opporunities that came my way, even if it didn’t seem like something that would interest me. So I stepped out of my shell and said YES…and have met some amazing women and had some amazing times along the way. And you will too!

  15. Ann

    Yay! You’re back! It’s going to be so much fun hearing your adventures! Things tend to work out the way they are supposed to if you let them, and I’m guessing this is going to end up being a really good time for you! Enjoy!

  16. Jenny

    Yay! I often say “no” too, mostly because I use my kid or family as an excuse, but I’m trying to say “yes” to more and more things! It’s hard, but it’s a necessary step to put myself back out there. I kind of dropped out of life after my 2 year old was born and then we relocated to a new city. I need to fill my cup back up with new friends and experiences!

  17. T for Edgar

    Love your website and your jewelry! I have just a random thought about getting out and meeting new people. I read something about you being from Chicago. Not sure if this is your current home or your old one, but when I was skimming this article I noticed you mentioned marathoning. Go runners! 😉 I have heard that Fleet Feet Chicago’s training team is HUGE! I am the same way as you: I love being home. I make jewelry for a living. And, I run. 😉 Training with a team for a marathon (half in my case) has been one of my highlights each week! I’ve made some amazing friends, plus it gets you out there. Accountability. 😉
    Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, ya. If you love running, you should check out this cool blog:

  18. Lyz

    O, i love reading this.. i recently took my yoga teacher training (after so MANY years of it being on my birthday New Year list), i finally said yes to the opportunity after it nearly hit me upside the head… this website is one of my fav to come and get inspiration, reminders, or just a way to connect with people going through the same things!

    thank you so much.. and saying yes is soo good!

  19. Annie

    Wow… I can so relate to a security blanket of “no” and controlled outcomes. Thanks for the inspiration and honesty about things.

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