TLS #208: What I learned from a Google workshop about mindfulness + neurology

Today on the show, I’m sharing the takeaways I got from a Google created mindfulness workshop called Search Inside Yourself.

During the two day workshop in Sydney, they shared on the subjects of neurology, consciousness, and mindfulness from a personal and career perspective.

One of the things I loved about this program was the tips and ways they suggested bringing mindfulness into the corporate workplace… so if you are interested in mindfulness at work, you’ll want to tune in.

This episode is perfect for anyone interested in learning about how Google approaches mindfulness and neurology, or for anyone interested how to bringing mindfulness into a corporate environment.





  • What this training event offered in regards to bringing mindfulness into the corporate workplace.

  • Why the basics of mindfulness seem to be groundbreaking in corporate culture for many people.

  • How it was surprising to see how people in the corporate workplace can have an open mind.

  • Why people in corporate world seem to tip-toe around mindfulness in their environments.

  • What the seven highlights from the training event are and how it can apply to everyone regardless what you do or where you work or live.

  • Why you should stop, breathe, notice your surrounds and reflect on alternative possibilities and then respond when you perceive a “threat.”

  • What the benefit is of a helpful, breathing mantra especially when you have an ego that is trying to shame you about something.

  • How the leaders running this workshop defined flow in relation to your challenges and skills. 

  • Why it was suggested that your work needs to be in alignment with your values. 

  • What empathy is and how it is about understanding another person, rather than agreeing with another person.

  • We explore the reasons we think we can’t be kind to ourselves and how do we apply these concepts to ourselves.

  • What the impact a conversation is and how it does not necessarily match our intention.

  • What the three aspects that need to be considered in order to have empathy around difficult conversation.

  • What the value propositions are for mindfulness in the workplace and why it’s so beneficial.




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