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Tomorrow through Tuesday Mr. Lively and I are headed to Seattle!

I’ve never been to the Northwest, let alone Seattle, so I’m excited to see what the city is like beyond a few scenes from 10 Things I Hate About You and Sleepless in Seattle.

As an added bonus, I get to work with Jen, my Commander-in-Chief, for the first time in real life. We’ve worked together since February, so it kinda feels hard to believe that we’ve never actually met in person.

Do you have any suggestions or favorite neighborhoods we should check out?


PS – I mentioned a few weeks back that I used to look like Hermione from Harry Potter.

As I said, I have proof. Voila.


Nope. Not a Halloween costume. Just a first day of school photo from fourth grade.


Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend!


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  1. Ashley Laabs

    Oh gurl, I have some Hermione pictures in my past as well.

    This is really long, but I convinced several of my friends that Seattle was a must-visit city and sent them an email with recommendations. I’ll just copy and paste it here for your reference. I’m moving there next year so I get super excited when I hear about people going there!

    Pike Place Market – Duh. But it’s fun to make a lunch of random things you buy at the market. There’s a chowder place across the street that’s yummy with breads and cheeses from the market.

    Chihuly Museum/Space Needle: If you go in the Chihuly Museum you can get a combined ticket at a discounted rate. Visit the space needle during the day and the museum at night — theres an illuminated outdoor portion.

    The Tamarind Tree – Amazing, popular vietnamese place that’s hidden in the International District. Good sake choices!

    Serious Pie: A.Mazing.Pizza. Good beer too.

    5 Spot: Great for breakfast/brunch. At the top of the hill in Queen Anne. Ask about how to get to Millionaire row during your meal and walk there on your way back down the hill. You’ll see postcard views of the city.

    Canon: Old-timey bar along the vein of Sugar House, but better. It’s also in a cool part of town. Capitol Hill is where all the hipsters are.

    Seattle Public Library: It’s a huge amazing architectural building you can’t miss. 4th and Spring St I believe.

    Ghost tours: I didn’t get to do this but it sounds cool. Apparently there’s another sunken city under seattle or something? Sounds interesting.

    Piroshy Piroshy: A russian bakery you’ll stand in line to get…but it’s worth it. Across the street from Pike Place…you’ll be immediately drawn by the smell of fresh bread. No GPS necessary.

    Purple Trees: There’s a little park area over by the main drag of big name stores. You’ll see a huge square waterfall structure. When we went, the trees were painted purple as part of some art installation. I hope it’s still there because it’s awesome.

    Easy Street Records: If you’re into vinyl…this is a great place at the bottom of the hill in Queen Anne.

    There’s another place I really liked in Capitol Hill, Liberty Bar. Delicious sushi & cocktails. My recommendation is to ask for a special plate from the chef. Ours turned out amazing.

    Have fun!

    1. Thank you SO MUCH! Man, it sounds like you are writing us our own little travel book. This is amazing. I’m definitely going to be referring to this when we need places to go and things to see. Thank you!!!!

      1. Ashley Laabs

        I’m hard to shut up once I get excited about something 😉 Have a fabulous trip.

        1. Thank you again! Thanks to your comment and the other comments on this post, we were able to hit most of the amazing places people mentioned. I’ll be sharing which ones exactly, soon!

  2. Enjoy Seattle! If you have time, and like donuts, you must make a stop at Top Pot. Best. Donuts. Ever. Seriously, you will not be disappointed!

  3. Very cool! I have heard amazing things about the city. Did you find that the fog and frequent rain bursts got to you while you lived there? Or did you just get used to it/get a sun light?

  4. Have an awesome time!
    I love Seattle and always have a great time exploring the city. 🙂

    Holistic Health Coach

    1. Thank you! We LOVED Seattle. Because a storm swept through right before we came, we noticed the scent of pine everywhere we went. We were told it was mostly due to the storm, but it felt like we were smelling a Christmas candle all weekend!

  5. Annie

    Some of my favorites:
    Plum Bistro in Capitol Hill is delicious vegan.
    Watson Kennedy is possibly my favorite store anywhere. Must visit. Must. downtown, two locations, but the one on 1st (not right at the market) is larger and therefore better.
    Of course a visit to Pike Place.
    Many, many cute boutiques in Ballard area, so that’s definitely one to check out.
    And there are so many amazing parks here- if the weather is good, you must visit one.

    1. Thank you for the recommendations! I totally checked out Watson Kennedy (the smaller one since were nearby). It is adorable! We picked up some matches and I have my eye on a great soap container there, too.

      And overall, Ballard was our favorite area for sure! Thank you again!

  6. Nicole

    Welcome to Seattle, Jess! You’ll love the NW…I’ve lived here for most of the past 30 years and still am almost moved to tears when I fly into SeaTac. I hope your plane lands while it’s light out because the view of the mountains and water is spectacular! If you can spend time on/near the Puget Sound (ferry ride to Bainbridge is fantastic – and the town is super charming) and Lake Washington, do it. If you have time to venture out to Snoqualmie Falls, that’s spectacular as well. It’s a favorite with my out-of-town guests and I never tire of it myself.

    You’ve got a ton of great suggestions and I second many of them (Watson Kennedy, Tamarind Tree, 5 Spot, Pike Place Market = big faves).

    I live in Ballard and am a huge fan of my very-walkable neighborhood so I’ll focus my tips there. :-> On Sunday, I highly recommend hitting the Ballard Farmers Market. Also, the many boutiques and restaurants along Ballard Ave (where the market is held) are fantastic (Horseshoe, Camelion, Lucca, The Gerald, Bitterroot, La Carta de Oaxaca, Portalis). Brunch at The Gerald is a favorite! Skillet Diner on nearby 56th Street is AMAZING – and the Ballard location now serves Swedish meatballs and ebelskivers as a nod to the neighborhood’s Scandinavian history. Also many Ballard restaurants offer Swedish pancakes (Hattie’s Hat on Ballard Avenue has mastered them…note that it’s a total dive but has been around for EONS and is super fun). Portage Bay Cafe has awesome breakfasts and a cool vibe. Also Cafe Besalu is a James Beard-nominated bakery on 24th Ave, not far from the farmer’s market. Their quiche and almond croissants are to die for. There’s usually a line, but not too long and it moves pretty quickly.

    Other Ballard highlights: happy hour at Ray’s Cafe – a Seattle landmark for about 70 years and incredible fish and chips! Check out Golden Gardens before or after. Visit the Ballard Locks and its botanical gardens. Then walk across to Magnolia and take a stroll through Discovery Park – incredible views of the Puget Sound once you reach the water’s edge.

    I’ll veer away from Ballard for one second to confess that I also LOVE North Capitol Hill. Coastal Kitchen is awesome and the historic, leafy neighborhood is so beautiful. Fun to just walk and check out the lovely homes and cool shops.

    And yes, the coffee in Seattle is amazing, as are all the independent coffee shops. Favorites are Caffe Ladro, Victrola, the aforementioned Cafe Besalu, Java Bean, and Macrina Bakery (three words: vanilla sugar latte). Also the “eggels” at Java Bean and pastries at Macrina don’t hurt. ;->

    Have a safe and fabulous trip – report back on your adventure!

    1. Thank you, thank you! You don’t know how many times Mr. Lively and I pulled out these comments (including yours) and did the things that were mentioned.

      I’ll be sharing exactly what we did soon!

      1. Nicole

        Hooray – I’m so glad! And thrilled that you loved Ballard…so happy you made it to the ‘hood! Only wish I was in town to give you a warm welcome. 🙂 Loved your pics on FB – can’t wait to read about your adventure!

  7. lina

    love the young jess photo! last year i went to seattle for a blogger meet-up & had a blast. once district that i had the most fun in was fremont. it’s quite eclectic & artsy. it also has a great chocolate factory called theo chocolate!

    1. Very nice! Did you know that Molly of Orangette has a restaurant in that area (at least I think it was Fremont, it might have been Ballard) called Delancey? They were closed when we drove by but it looked adorable. : )

  8. Rita

    It’s been more than 20 years since I moved from Seattle to Portland(ish). I still miss it! Your readers have already mentioned so many great places, and I’m not a Seattle expert any more. But if you love books and architecture, I second the Seattle Library recommendation. An amazing space! Top Pot donuts also gets a second from me. I lived in Fremont for a short, sweet time. Loved it there. Ballard is just down the hill from the top of Fremont. I recommend getting out of downtown proper (with the Market and all that) and getting into one of the neighborhoods. That’s where you’ll find the real city.

    1. Thank you! We didn’t see the Library, but looooved us some Top Pot doughnuts. : ) We also adored Ballard and saw a bit of Fremont, too. : )

  9. fun!! have the best time! my husband and i went there (and portland) for our 1year anniversary and to visit family in portland. it’s a fun city — the water and mountain is beauuutiful! i really loved the pikes place market.. (esp the fresh hot mini donuts!!) have the best time. xo jillian – cornflake dreams ps DONT miss the chilhy museum! it’s full of beautiful blown glass pieces.

    1. Very nice! Mr. Lively especially was in love with Pike’s Place. But since we had just loaded up on Top Pot doughnuts that morning, didn’t get the mini doughnuts at the market.

      Did you notice how beautiful the flowers in that market are?! Seriously pretty (and affordable).

  10. Whitney White

    Hi Jess! SO glad you’re going to be in my city! Seattle IS AMAZING as you will quickly learn. You must go to Delancey (the best pizza in town run by husband of Orangette Molly Wizenberg) and across the street is the BEST brunch spot in town, The Fat Hen. I also highly reccomend taking a ferry ride (Bainbridge is closest) and going to Ballard on Saturday for the all year farmer’s market. (great shops in that part of town) Check out Golden Gardens as well! Have fun!

    1. Thank you! We totally tried to go to Delancey and The Fat Hen, but they were closed when we drove by. : ( Maybe next time we are in town!

      And yes, we are in love with Ballard now. : )

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