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dearfuturemeDid you write an annual letter to your future self? If so, I have a great new resource to share.

A few days ago, Jillian, a friend and MML reader, shared, a site that lets you program when you’d like to receive emails from yourself. What a great way to plan when you will receive your future letter!

I think I’m going to schedule my letter to pop into my inbox once a quarter. That way I can see my progress, but not need to worry about it day to day.

I’m also thinking of other ways to use this service intentionally… any ideas?

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  1. Alejandra

    What a fantastic service! I’m definitely going to sign up. I think this can be great for any kind of ongoing goal tracking or reminder service…whether it’s a budget, a long-term goal list, even a reminder about buying concert tickets! I also kind of like the idea of sending yourself occasional uplifting notes or perhaps even reminders of things you achieved or really value (like “1 year ago today you finally completed your first marathon” or “1 year ago today you started your own business,” etc.) as a marker for how much you’ve achieved.

    And I’m sure some forgetful guys might like it as an anniversary reminder… 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this link, I’ll have to check it out!

    Here’s an idea for using the service in another way:
    Think of some people that you care about and schedule letters randomly just to show that you appreciate them.

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