TLS #165: Flowing with families/full-time jobs, homesickness, & LWIO

2016-09-06 Tall

Today’s Lively Show is covering a wide array of flow related questions many listeners have shared on Instagram this September.

We’ll be diving into flow in regards to families, full-time jobs, fighting through difficulties, and super long commutes. I’ll be sharing how I think flow can be applied to each of these circumstances and more.

Plus, I’m also sharing what I’d take with me on a deserted island, how I’ve meshed with European locals on my travels, and what I do to eat healthy while traveling.

This episode is perfect for anyone looking for a fun mix of questions and answers, or anyone who wants to hear more about how flow can apply to stable life circumstances.  

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  • What do you love most about London? What keeps you coming back?
  • Is it possible to incorporate some structure into a way of living that flows?  How do you strike the balance between getting things done whilst staying open to what flows into your life?
  • How is Ellie doing? Do you plan to bring her with you when you get settled someplace?
  • When is your book coming out?!
  • I’d like to hear your thoughts about incorporating flow when your life isn’t just your own. 
  • I would like to know a bit more how to deal with flow and intuition vs boredom.
  • How to “shut” my brain off a bit to be able to be more present and concentrate on the moment.
  • I feel like I need guidance on how to take small steps towards making this goal of working less and being home more a reality. Right now bills and this need to financially provide for my family is what motivates me to stick with my current job.
  • Have you been homesick at all?
  • How do you go on social media (Instagram/Facebook) and not compare your life to everyone else’s?
  • How do you identify, process and practice making flow u-turns when you experience them? Is there a common formula you use to quickly go thru the needed steps to feel the contrast, appreciate it, find the lesson, let it go, feel gratitude and flow on?
  • When you are tackling a new project, how do you plan out the work and hold yourself to deadlines?
  • How you are handling being away from friends and loved ones. Do you feel like you are missing out on major events in their lives? Do you feel like you have to sacrifice the time you share with them for the opportunity to travel abroad for long stretches of time? How are you working through those emotions?
  • How do you reconcile the idea of flow with the idea that some things are worth working hard or going through difficulty for?
  • How do you recommend living with flow for people with spouses, children and corporate jobs who may have to plan well ahead and can’t always follow a whim?
  • What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?
  • What’s taking you to the other continents later this year? The school you helped build? work? pleasure and friends?
  • How does someone with anxiety use flow to lessen their anxiety about world events that are so out of our control?
  • How do you balance enjoying the moment vs the thoughts and ideas that arise for say, future entrepreneurial ideas, future travel plans, future life stages?
  • How have you managed to eat healthy while traveling? Tips please!
  • I’m fascinated by the concept of flow and would love to try and implement that in my life however I don’t how to make it happen with a full time job and about 4 hours of commute every day. I feel like I have no time left to be.  Any advice?
  • What does personal growth mean to you?
  • Do you feel like you can blend in with the locals in Europe? Is language a barrier?Do u feel at home if u don’t speak their language? Can u break into their circle?
  • What other tools are relying on more and more to keep you business moving while living a nomadic life?
  • Are you ever going to get back to interviews on the Lively Show?
  • What are you doing to create routines and find stability in each day even though so much is changing around you?
  • Did you get any negative reactions from people close to you before making your life change to traveling/selling your house etc? 
  • How it was to see Franklin?
  • Can you touch bases on when the next life with intention class will be starting?
  • How have you switched up your clothing in preparation for colder weather?
  • What’s your current or past practice for keeping up on the blogosphere? 




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