settling in

After three days of moving we are unpacked and settled in beautifully.


The patio which you see in the picture above was actually complete in the first 45 minutes of our move on Friday. Our car had become our last resort storage facility in the final weeks, and all our patio furniture was just waiting to be unleashed.

We were off to a strong start, that’s for sure.

But over the rest of that day “a little itch in the back of my throat” became an all out cold through the afternoon and worsened on Saturday and Sunday.

Apparently my normally ironclad immune system thought moving weekend might be a good time to shut down.

This drastically affected our moving and unpacking pace. Here the a current state of our living room.

And the guest room is even worse.

Though I naively thought we could have everything done by today so the girls can come in for Jess LC tomorrow… the current outlook is unlikely at best.

I may have bit off more than I can chew in three days with Kleenex in hand.

Sometimes even the best intentions don’t work out and you just gotta take things one step (or sneeze) at a time.


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  1. Moving never goes as quickly as planned! We went through the same thing when we moved to Chicago. Good luck! I’m sure it will look wonderful sooner than you think 🙂

  2. Clara

    Aaaah love your new place! Looks heavenly. Hope you feel better my dear, emailing soon to set up our next conference call. xx

  3. Linda

    I know the feeling! Moving into an apartment is doubly difficult because there’s no where to the stack boxes, while you put away something else. My apartment would have boxes stacked for a few weeks, never mind a few days! 🙂 Hope you feel better soon!

  4. jill

    bless you! we have had the sneezes, sore throats, etc sweep through our house and I always think, oh it’s just a little cold, but then it really does get you down! (and my kids, poor things!) take time to unpack… it will happen! 🙂 Looks great so far!

  5. as a (hopefully) retired mover, I can tell you from experience that unpacking takes much longer than packing. that, and you will undoubtably find things that you should’ve donated/trashed but slipped thru the cracks.

    get some rest, take your time and hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh, no! Having a cold is never good, plus the having the task of unpacking is never ideal. I am so sorry! Your patio looks perfect and cozy though. At lease during all the craziness you have an area to relax in 🙂 I can’t wait to see the rest of your place when it is done 🙂


  7. Bre

    Congrats on the move! It’s a beautiful space, you must be thrilled! Could you please share where your patio chairs are from? I love them!

  8. Oh yes, unpacking takes a deceivingly long time! Last time we moved I gave a three-day limit to anything being in a box as soon as it was off the truck. Which meant we got rid of the boxes but had stuff strewn EVERYWHERE for a week or two. But I wanted a handle on what I was working with as a whole as I tried to find new storage spots for it all. And with a cold on top of it, I would have been worse. Heal quickly!

  9. anja

    Hey Jess

    I was thinking from the beginning that your plan to move in three days was very ambitous but i hoped with your planning skills it would actually work quite well. I am so sorry you gor sick. Please get some rest and don’t worry about boxes for just some days. Of course the last weeks of jess lc are pressuring, but hey, your health is far more important!!

  10. Yikes! Even if you didn’t get unpacked as quickly as hoped, at least you have a very beautiful home to unpack into 🙂 LOVE those patio chairs…spotted them earlier this season and was tempted to buy them, even though I don’t have a patio!! 😉 Good luck & get well soon!

  11. Jess

    Thank you all so much! I’m definitely feeling better today!

  12. 17 Perth

    I am so sorry you are sick!! But–take your time–let your body heal and relax. All of the unpacking will be there waiting on you. 😉 The patio looks great. Love that rug. I think maybe you and your hubby should grab some kleenex, popcorn (caramel for sure), a movie and relax–all while surrounding by clutter. 🙂 Feel better!

  13. Victoria C

    I’m so sorry you got sick and I know your place will look amazing when you are done! I love your patio setup! Those chairs are great where are they from?

  14. Jess

    Bre and Victoria, the chairs are from Ikea!!

  15. Jules

    HA! I moved this past week too, and within 24 hours of moving into my new place, the flu hit me. Don’t feel bad, my living room and dining room is full of unpacked boxes, no painting has gotten done and all I’ve done is take large doses of Nyquil and pass out.

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