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Good morning! As you read this I am on my way to O’Hare to catch a flight to my parent’s house. Though I didn’t grow up outside Philly where they live now, I do enjoy the time that I spend in their new home. I also get to spend lots of time with my youngest brother, Mike, who is staying with them for the summer in between his sophomore and junior year of college. Besides relaxing, J.Crew outlet shopping, and a jewelry party for the neighborhood, I might also get a chance to visit the family boat which is currently on the Chesapeake Bay.

And as you know, on Sunday I will be headed to NYC for a “PR tour,” if you will. In honor of the desk sides I will be doing with editors at Lucky and Real Simple among others, I’ve got an awesome giveaway which would be perfect for a PR tour of your own…

Shabby Apple Giveaway

The Ingrid Dress over at Shabby Apple is pretty much perfection when I think about what I’d like to wear to a desk side. It’s classic with the black and white, but the ruffles add a nice twist. It’s also cool enough to wear while running in between offices in the middle of July. And coming in at $94, it is inexpensive enough for a splurge, but also an amazing item to win in a giveaway like this.

To enter to win the dress, please comment about your favorite dress on Shabby Apple before July 21st. A winner will be randomly selected and announced next week. US residents only, please.

(Please be patient with the comment uploading today, I will be traveling without internet for most of the day. So most new comments will appear this evening.)

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  1. Laina

    So many cute dresses! I love the Tuileries dress. 🙂

  2. Sarah

    I think the Storm dress would really flatter my body type, but I really love the L’Opera dress as well! It would be great to wear to late summer weddings!

  3. Nicole

    There are a TON of Shabby Apple dresses that I absolutely adore. But, my all-time favorite is the Fifth Ave. dress.

  4. April

    Wow…I love this dress (and most of the Shabby Apple dresses) but my favorite is the Rendezvous. It can be dressed up/down in many different ways.

  5. Jenni

    I love the Azure Coast dress. It’s such a gorgeous shade of blue.

  6. Elizabeth

    I am LOVING the L’Opera dress. Merci pour l’opportunite!

  7. Molly

    The Carnival dress is just perfect. I love, love, love it! It’s timeless.

  8. I can’t decide! I really love so many Shabby Apple dresses! The L’Opera dress is beautiful. Great giveaway!

  9. Rickelle

    I think it’s a tie between Ingrid and Le Tour Eiffel. They’re all very pretty!

  10. melanie

    i love the l’opera dress! so cute and perfect for a summer wedding!

  11. Grace

    So many beauties to choose from! L’Artiste is calling my name b/c I’ve been wanting to add some fun navy blue color to my wardrobe. Classic!

  12. Jill

    I’ve had my eye on the yellow Le Soleil dress for a while now. It’s dreamy.

    What a great giveaway!

  13. Tyffanie

    Oh wow, this website is amazing! I loved all the dresses, but my absolute fave is BONHEUR!

  14. Christine

    I think the Ingrid dress might be my favorite! I really like the Lincoln Center dress or Liz & Darcy too. 🙂

  15. CB

    If I had to pick, I would choose Ingrid or Rendezvous – but I like a lot of them!

  16. Kristin D.

    The Sheep Meadow dress is so adorable!

  17. Beth

    Perfect, because the Ingrid dress has always been a favorite of mine from SA! Here’s to hoping I win! 🙂

  18. Tiffany A.

    There are so many amazing dresses it was hard to just pick one. But I think I have to say the Bonheur is one of my top favs. I don’t have anything like it and it looks like a beautiful dress that can be dressed up for work or special occasion and dressed casual for the movies. shopping. hanging out with friends! I am in love!

  19. Jenny K.

    I heart the Bonheur – Cape Cop white wrap dress with pockets on bust and tie waist. The dress is lovely and very fitting for hot summer days.”

  20. Stephanie

    I love, love, love the Champs Elysees dress!!

  21. Megan

    I love the Champs Elysées dress. So pretty & it would look even better with Paris as a backdrop. J’adore.

  22. Linda

    I love L’Artiste, of course the Ingrid Dress is beautiful too.

  23. Rachel

    I love the Ingrid dress as well, but another favorite is the L’ete dress. I love the stripes!

  24. Rachel

    I love the Ingrid dress as well, but another favorite is the L’ete dress. I love the stripes!

  25. Monika

    They’re really cute! I would go with the Atlantic Fog dress. Adorable!

  26. Jill

    It’s gorgeous! I don’t even know where I would wear a fancy-schmancy dress like that too!

  27. Lyz

    OMG.. the Champs Elysees dress is SO beautiful.. absolutely adorable and the perfect summer party dress.. I have to say all the dresses on the site a be-a-u-tiful, the champs elysees would be perfect for hanging out on the weekend or dress it up for a date night!!

  28. Taylor B.

    Oh, the BETHESDA FOUNTAIN dress is so fun and sexy but so is the BON VOYAGE dress! It’s so hard to choose.

    Thank you!

  29. annie

    I love the Sheep Meadow dress and the La Tour Eiffel dress. Really, all are so beautiful and unique! Good luck with your travels and thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  30. Anne B

    Anne Beaulac – I want the dress so bad!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3333333

  31. Cathy

    Oooh! I think I love most everything in the Oh La La line! The Champs Elysees, L’Opera, Rendezvous, and Tres Jolie are all fabulous. And if I don’t win, I can always take advantage of the 20% of sale they’re having right now!

  32. Clara

    Shabby Apple dresses have won my heart. I love the Marseille dress, and am keeping all fingers crossed, since I love the Ingrid dress as well. Thanks to you and Shabby Apple for the chance to win.

  33. Clare

    I love all of their dresses and I feel like so many of them would be perfect to wear in the law office where I work, but I especially love the le soleil dress, I think it’s just perfect and happy!

  34. Morgan

    Besides the amazing Ingrid dress, I also love the Le Eiffel dress. They are both adorable!

  35. Michelle

    Gorgeous. I like the Coney Island. So many great ones though!

  36. Natalie

    While I was originally drawn to the La Soleil dress for its color, I think my favorite is the Daisy dress. Crisp and delicate and beautiful, with lots of room for accessorizing. Perfect for summer!

  37. suki

    1) love that you can shop by body type!

    2) Coney Island! 🙂

  38. Miss E

    I’m loving L’Opera. So fun and sophisticated at the same time…perfect for the office or date night!

  39. Stephanie

    I love the Bette D. design from the 1943 collection. Very cute 🙂 But it was tough… the aprons found in the Boysenberry collection were equally adorable!!!

  40. Hannah

    I would have to agree with you. I love the Ingrid dress. So sophisticated and lovely.

  41. Briar

    Wow—I really do love them all, but if I had to spend my money on one Right Now, I’d choose the L’Opera dress! It’s so bold and feminine!

  42. By far my absolute favorite dress, and most likely my soon to be purchase of the day, would be the navy blue Bethesda Fountain dress. Its simple, elegant, flirty and yet sophisticated. And paired with some killer shoes like their Georgi heels, this would quickly become an outfit i’d wear anywear; and probably everywhere!

  43. Henria O.

    I like Casa Blanca and G. Cooper!
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  44. Jenny

    The Casablanca dress is gorgeous 🙂 So vintage and sexy and unique.

  45. Desert Blossom has been on my wishlist for a loooooong time. But Ingrid is lovely as well! Thanks for the fun giveaway….

  46. Simone

    I love the CEO dress from the skyscraper collection. It’s very Mad Men-ish and would be perfect for work!

  47. Eileen

    What a beautiful giveaway! Thank you for the chance! The Ingrid Dress is beautiful and I also love the Bonheur and Bon Voyage!

  48. Kate

    I love the Navy Blue Carnival Dress. I love it an awful lot!

  49. Vi

    The Liz and Darcy Dress in Pale Aquamarine is my favorite!

    It’s a classic A-line cut with a beautiful swingy skirt. Ohhh, and it nips you in at the smallest part of your waist…what girl doesn’t like that?! The short sleeves and at the knee length makes it perfect for the office while the flirty skirt and the way it hugs your figure make it fun to dress up for the evening. Plus that Pale Aquamarine color is just so fresh and cheery for summer! Oh my, I can just gush on about it for ages!

  50. Karena

    A favorite of mine is the South Pacific Garden Isle. I love this one though!!

    Art by Karena

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