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Today I’ve got a little update to share on the house front. It’s been a while since I talked about the home because I honestly didn’t think about it for the last two months. After we got things ready for the Thanksgiving festivities and it was shared on Design*Sponge, decorating the apartment was not on my mind.

However, while scouting for my client home and hotel lobby project, I started hitting the CL pretty hard. I love a good bargain and the chance to give something unique a new life.

One piece that immediately caught my eye was a black and gold dresser. It has great lines and I was thinking that it could be a great addition to the hotel… at first.

I pined for the dresser for a few weeks. But I eventually realized that the decor elements for the hotel will not be considered for the next six to eight months. And this little guy sitting on Craigslist was going to be long gone by then.

So I did what any designer would do: I talked my husband into letting me get it for our own home instead.

(Do other designers do this? I’m not sure. But I’m glad I did.)

Fortunately, he was game. He asked where it was going to go in our somewhat finished apartment. For that I had a quick reply, “It can go in the hallway.”

Which meant that on Sunday morning we drove in the rain to pick up the lovely little chest.

We then we plopped him in the hallway, according to plan.


But as you can see in this quick iPhone shot, he was looking rather sad there. His proportions were not well suited to the art above and he just kinda felt… odd.

That’s when my wheels got turning.

You see, we had already dressed up our bedroom’s black Ikea dresser with some modern brass knobs, making¬†the Dorothy Draper dresser a good companion for the theme.

So we moved more furniture around. We swapped out the cute white side table (found on the street, which I painted white a few years back) for the black beauty.


The white nightstand was pretty, especially in this professional shot taken by Daniel. But it was deep and boxy in our tiny 9’9″x12′ master bedroom. The dimensions didn’t allow us the storage or square footage the black dresser provided.


Though my photo quality is not quite as nice as Daniel’s, you can see that it utilizes a bit more of the corner of the room and offers 30% more storage for clothing. The narrower depth also allows me a few extra inches of floor space near my side of the bed.

Meanwhile, the white side table needed a new home, too. So we sent it to the guest bedroom.

Originally, we had a tiny little campaign-style wicker chest there.


Cute, but too tiny and random for the space. I may one day paint the wood sides white and give him a new life in a future home, but for now he’s adding extra storage to the closet.


Voila. The white side table pairs perfectly with our other recent Craigslist makeover, the white desk.

As I prepared to write this post, I did a quick search online and just found out that these Dorothy Draper style dressers actually sell for thousands of dollars. Holy moly. Though ours is in need of some painting, I’m glad I saw the potential in the piece at just 4% of the originals in mint condition.

And if you are loving the look but can’t find a Dorothy Draper dresser on your local CL, no need to fear! I found this cute Ikea hack that creates a similar look with a $35 dresser.


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  1. hanah

    I love the dresser. It looks great. Do you have any advice on what is a good price range for a dresser like that on CL?

    1. Jess Lively

      Great question! I don’t really have any expertise in evaluating the price of things… I usually just go with my gut and figure out what I think is worth paying for something depending on my budget and how much I love a piece/how much work it needs.

      For this one I spent $160 and I was happy to because of my love for the piece. I had no idea at the time that it would go for $4200 if it was original and in mint condition. I just knew I liked it and was happy to pay the price I offered.

      Others may find that price too expensive and it’s great to know that it’s possible to recreate the look with a DIY project instead.

  2. SEM

    I really enjoy your home decor/organization posts. Great CL find. I wish my area had better offerings…I just find expensive hideous pieces or overpriced ikea stuff on CL lately.

    I’m intersted in seeing more wide angle shots of your space too. I love your artistic vignettes, but I’d love to see more of the entire layout of your rooms too. ūüôā Such a pretty home.

    1. Jess Lively

      Great point! It’s actually because the room is so small that my camera lens isn’t completely wide enough to capture the room from such a tight angle…weird I know. The apartment as actually been requested for another feature within the next few months and I’ll be sure to have the photographer then try to grab bigger angles in the space. : )

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